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Rock Chalk Talk Podcast Episode 2 (point 1)

We're back with a (shorter) edition of the RCT Podcast

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Last week we got our feet wet in RCT podcast world, and this week we are back with episode 2 (or episode 2.1 in this case given that we do a little Mario Chalmers talk right away. But this is the last .1 episode. We promise)

Here is the direct link if you'd like to listen to it on soundcloud, but we have embedded it below as well:

the rundown:

IMMEDIATELY: We talk about where we were on April 7, 2008 when Mario Chalmers made his miracle shot to tie the 2008 title game with 2.1 seconds left.

4:30 - We talk about the rumors that Andrew Wiggins is headed to Minnesota in return for Kevin Love, and whether you'd do that deal if you were the Cavaliers (and the Wolves)

14:00 - anaveragegatsby complains that @rockchalktalk doesnt follow him

14:30 - how interested are you in KU football this year?

16:30 to end: other reader questions

Give it a listen, feel free to leave any comments or questions for next week's podcast in the comments.