An All-Submission, All-AMERICAN "You Down With OTT?"

Hello everyone, so here's an OTT for you today and over your three-day weekend. Sorry, I've been busy this week, and as I mentioned on Tuesday, our Internet here at work was down for most of the day.

Since my OTT questions/formats have been hit-and-miss the last few weeks, I let you fellow RCTers come up with submission questions. The first four are courtesy of KU Grad 08, and the last two are courtesy of PenHawk and fizzle406, respectively.

So, without further ado, here they are:

  1. What is your favorite Jayhawk and/or KU logo apart from the current one?
  2. What was the best KU game (of any sport) that you attended?
  3. If you won a $100 million+ lottery, what's the first COOL thing you'd buy?
  4. What was your most embarrassing style moment? (clothing, hair, etc.) Bonus points if you post a picture.
  5. What is your favorite state/region of the country to visit?
  6. What is something popular culture gets wrong about your profession?