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Traevohn Wrench Headed to Butler

Running back Traevohn Wrench fails to qualify academically and is heading to Butler County.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

News came out that running back Traevohn Wrench has failed to qualify academically and will go the junior college route and play this fall at Butler County.  The 6'0'' 180 pound running back was KU's only 4-star recruit in the 2014 class, so this is a small blow to the program.  However, if Kansas football has the depth at any position to be able to absorb this hit, it would be at running back.  Seniors Taylor Cox and Brandon Bourbon have shown the ability to be passable and a healthy Tony Pierson adds a lot of speed to the position. While Wrench was a highly rated recruit, I wasn't expecting much of a contribution from him this year.  Hopefully heading to El Dorado gives him the opportunity to develop both athletically and academically and we get to see him return to Lawrence in 1 or 2 years.

Not a lot else to say about this, it's frustrating that another high profile recruit isn't going to work out like we'd imagined.  The list seems like it's getting a little long: Darrian Miller, Andrew Turzilli, Marquel Combs, Marcus Jenkins-Moore, Chris Martin, and Wrench.  Is this just how it goes when a program is in this position or is this part of the problem that is keeping Kansas football in this position?

And here I was hoping to be positive about the upcoming season, what a way to get August started.