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Rock Chalk Talk Podcast Episode 1.1

We're back!

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After a lengthy hiatus that probably doesn't even really qualify as a hiatus, the Rock Chalk Talk Podcast makes it's gallant return to the airwaves. averagegatsby, TJFSports, and notkapowski discuss some KU football, KU hoops, twitter, the King of England, and other nonsense.

The direct link can be found here, and we have attempted to embed it below.

a bit of a breakdown:

1:30 - the guys discuss Joel Embiid's twitter dominance

5:00 - the guys discuss who will be the basketball team's starting 5 in 2014-15

15:15 - Cliff Alexander's hatfake

18:45 - notkapowski shares how we almost broke the Charlie Weis getting hired story

20:00 - averagegatsby yells about Charlie Weis


26:00 - #freeandrewwhite

30:00 (or so) until the end: nonsense

We hope you guys enjoy listening to the podcast, and hopefully this will become a weekly or semiweekly occurrence at Rock Chalk Talk. Feel free to leave comments, criticisms, or questions for next week's show in the comments.