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Joel Embiid Drafted Third Overall By Philadelphia

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas center Joel Embiid was drafted 3rd overall by the Philadelphia 76ers in tonight's NBA Draft. Embiid slid a bit down the board in mock drafts due to back and foot problems. He was pretty much a guarantee to go 1 overall (and I still would have taken him there) but a slide down the boards a bit might have found him in a better situation.

Embiid unfortunately had his season cut short by injuries, but when on the floor he was phenomenal. He posted a 63% eFG, was the 11th best defensive rebounder in the entire country, and was a Jeff Withey level interior defender. In short, if he stays healthy, I think he'll be one of the best two big men in the entire league during his prime and, if he hits his ceiling, could end up an all-timer. (for instance)

Embiid does need to improve his strength, particularly in his lower half. That will not only help keep him healthy but will allow him to hold his position in the post as well as rebound. Embiid has reportedly improved his jumper mightily, which adds another weapon, one becoming ever more necessary in today's NBA.

Embiid will likely sit out his rookie year, but will be a fantastic asset for the Sixers, who did this with Nerlens Noel last year. Once Embiid becomes healthy, the Sixers should be a perennial playoff team, perhaps meeting up with Andrew Wiggins' Cavaliers. If they don't trade him tonight, of course.

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