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Andrew White Transferring From Kansas

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

According to those ever so nebulous sources, Andrew White will be transferring. The Richmond, VA native will probably get a good look from Richmond and VCU, but a darkhorse for me is Virginia Tech. Buzz Williams is bereft of ACC caliber guys, so the ability to add one via transfer must be enticing. (also, maybe he reunites with Danny Manning?)

White was a talented player who for whatever reason never got off the bench at Kansas. He struggled with his shot as a Freshman and then struggled with his confidence as a Sophomore as his minutes became fewer and farther between.

I've made my case for White here many times, but for whatever reason he just didn't fit in in Self's system. With his and Tharpe's transfer, Kansas has a pair of extra scholarships now, so maybe they can add a 5th year transfer or two to shore up their (already impressive) depth.

Andrew White, freed.