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Kansas Jayhawks Saturday News & Notes 05.24.14

A look-see around today's internets. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Be safe this weekend, y'all.

- Kansas Sports -

Healthy-looking Embiid impresses at NBA workouts |

Former Kansas University center Joel Embiid appears to have recovered fully from the back injury that forced him to miss the 2014 Big 12 and NCAA Tournaments.

University of Kansas Women's Golf Kansas Women’s Golf Concludes Historic Season at NCAA Championship

Overall, KU finished the four-day event at 1,201 (+81), 15 shots behind Iowa State (+66) who finished 23rd in the 24-team field.

Situation regarding Weis' compensation from Notre Dame grossly overblown | Tale of the Tait |

The biggest reason Weis is still being paid by Notre Dame at all is because the lawyer representing the university failed to include an offset clause in Weis' contract when the school hired him in 2005. An offset clause, which is pretty common when it comes to coaching contracts at major universities, is a way for the university to save or recover at least part of what they owe a coach after he or she is fired.

- College Sports -

First Look: Kansas and Texas will battle in a top-heavy Big 12 | One And One -

The dynamic for next season suggests a more top-heavy league. Kansas has reloaded. Texas could jump into the nation’s elite. Oklahoma returns four of its top five scorers from a 23-10 team. Iowa State returns key playmakers and welcomes more impact transfers.

Kelly on Irish scheduling outside of ACC: 'You're really limited' -

"It's put us in a very difficult situation scheduling and unfortunately, it's taken some of those schools like a Michigan or Michigan State off our schedule ... [Navy, Stanford and USC] are not coming off and those are etched in stone. So now, add your ACC schools with those three schools and you're really limited to where you can go."

- Professional Sports -

Sporting KC gives up late goal, settles for tie with Toronto FC -

Sporting KC striker Dom Dwyer took over the top spot in the chase for the MLS Golden Boot with two goals, but it was not enough to secure a victory, much to the chagrin of 19,914 at Sporting Park, the club’s 43rd consecutive sellout for an MLS match.

Royals need to quit sweating the small stuff and simply grow up -

They’re not going to get there worrying about what’s said by media or fans. They’re not going to get there by cultivating needless drama. They’re only going to get there by growing up. Because if they win, nothing else matters. And if they lose, they’ll have all the drama they want.

Oddity: No. 99 faces No. 99 for first time in MLB history -

According to Baseball-Reference, Astros left-hander Rudy Jones and Mariners outfielder James Owens are the 13th and 14th players in history to wear No. 99. Owens vs. Jones was the first time a No. 99 faced a No. 99 in the history of the universe. Baseball is great sometimes.

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T-shirt of the Day: Supporting Pete Rose -

Courtesy of ex-big leaguer Gabe Kapler, this Pete Rose-themed shirt was recently spotted in the non-internet world.

GIF: Adrian Beltre, Miguel Cabrera exchange cup checks -

Nothing like two pals exchanging mid-game cup checks.

GIF: Carl Crawford fakes out Phillies fans after catching final out -

Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford had another idea on Friday. He caught the final out of his team's win over the Phillies and faked out the fans as a visiting player.