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Devonte Graham Picks Kansas

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Devonte Graham's high school coach announced today that recruit Devonte Graham has chosen Kansas over NC State. Graham was an unranked recruit at this time last year, having committed to Appalachian State. He opened up his recruitment and had a big senior year at Brewster Academy, and finished the year as Rivals' 36th ranked recruit.

Graham stands 6'2", which is good enough size at the 1 in college, and while he looks to not have great explosiveness he's a good ballhandler and shooter, and I think will be a good passer as well. He might not step right in and give Kansas a ton of great minutes right away, but hopefully he can mature into a nice 4 year point guard.

This might end up kicking Frankamp or Mason to the 2 guard (preferably Mason) and will probably give us a Frankamp/Selden/Oubre/Ellis/Alexander starting lineup to begin the season.

This closes the book on the 2014 recruiting class, with Kansas having grabbed Rivals' 4th, 6th, and 36th best players.

Video of Graham is below: