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Who Should Be Kansas's Starting Point Guard in 2014-15?

With Naadir Tharpe's transfer, we polled KU fans to try to pick a new (or pine for the old) point guard

Jamie Squire

With the news of Naadir Tharpe's transfer, I took to twitter to pose the question of who Kansas fans wanted to see starting at point guard next season:

The rankings:

Frankamp: 18

Graham: 3

Mason: 2

Tharpe: 0, though 2 people did mention they would start Tharpe at his best.

Some selected answers:

First off, you're all crazy. I think it should be Tharpe and I don't really think anyone else is all that close, even if I am higher on Frankamp than probably any other KU fan or writer.

I already explained my reasoning for why I prefer Tharpe, but let's get your take on the matter.