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Naadir Tharpe to Transfer?

Breaking news at the moment and comes from Jeff Goodman.

Jamie Squire

More as this develops.  But as of right now, Jeff Goodman is citing a source claiming that Naadir Tharpe is transferring.  It has been an up and down ride for Tharpe at Kansas, so this wouldn't be a complete shock.  However, he was a starter last year and has shown tremendous talent and ability while he has been a Jayhawk.  He hasn't been a perfect player but he has been a good one.  Kind of odd timing, so we don't know what this is related to or how Bill Self is planning on filling the hole left by Tharpe's departure.

More Frankamp?  More Mason?  New guy?  Either way, if this goes through it will be a hole to fill regardless of how Tharpe made fans feel at times with his decision making.

Oh and one more thing, lets make sure to focus the discussion on the court or roster.


Tharpe averaged 8.5 points and 5 assists per game this year for the Jayhawks, who won their 10th straight Big 12 title.

His advanced stats tell a bit of a different story: Tharpe had a 53.4% eFG (50% from two, 37.7% from three). The big concern was his turnover numbers (23%) but he did have a very good assist rate (29%). In conference play Tharpe had the 7th best Offensive Rating among guys who played enough minutes to qualify, and Tharpe was 4th in the league in assist to turnover ratio in Big 12 play.

His biggest problem on the court was defensively. Obviously I'm not going to drag every defensive scoresheet into this post (mostly because I abandoned that project after watching them play defense became too depressing), but Tharpe was markedly worse than Mason or Frankamp on defense.

I don't like to speculate about off the court stuff, but I have to imagine this is the impetus for Tharpe's transfer. Regardless of the reason, Kansas goes from having a Senior starting at point guard, to two or possibly three (if Devonte Graham commits) unproven guys at that position. Conner Frankamp is probably the best of the three options. Frank Mason didn't turn it over much, but he's not a great passer or shooter. I haven't seen enough of Graham to offer a final opinion, but he looks like he's not the quickest guy in the world and might have some trouble with perimeter defense as well.

Whatever you think about Tharpe, the fact of the matter is the numbers tell the story of a guy who was totally underrated by his own fanbase. He wasn't an All-American, but he was good enough to lead Kansas to a title, and deserves better than the sending off he will receive.