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Montell Cozart named KU Starting QB for 2014

Cozart wins the #1 QB job

Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, Head Coach Charlie Weis announced that Montell Cozart had an impressive enough spring to be named KU's starting QB for the 2014 season.

"After the completion of post spring ball evaluations and individual player meetings, I met with the offensive staff and we have decided to name Montell Cozart our starting quarterback," Weis said in the release.

Naming Cozart the starting QB gives KU a potentially dynamic weapon who, if properly utilized, could be troublesome for opposing teams to gameplan against.  It also gives offensive coordinator John Reagan all summer to work with his starting QB and tailor his offense to that Cozart's strengths.  This will hopefully allow the offense to make some serious strides this summer and in fall camp.

As for the backups, we don't know in what order the remaining QBs are ranked.  The first depth chart of the fall is only, what, four months away?

Anyway, if there was ever a day to drink the kool-aid, it's today.