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Rock Chalk Mailbag

This mailbag talks WVU, Wiggins, and of course, Andrew White

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I don't know how much we will be able to tell from this game. Obviously it's in a weird environment, and it's after Senior Day, after Kansas has locked up the Big 12 title, before the Big 12 tournament, no Embiid, etc etc. But it will be a nice test for Tharpe, Mason, Selden, Wiggins, and whomever else Self wants out there to see if they can stop Juwan Staten from getting into the lane whenever he wants. In the first game, Kansas held West Virginia under a point per possession and though Staten had a good game shooting wise, he had equal turnovers and assists, so that is something to build on a little bit.

Everyone seems to have Kansas pegged for a loss here and while I could certainly see it coming and wouldn't be too upset with it, I'd rather drop the Thursday game at the Big 12 tournament and rest up for the big show.

Probably not fair to include a two week old question here given what we know now, but I don't see any way Marcus Smart is the POY. He's had a much better conference year in terms of assists/turnovers, but he hasn't made a shot since roughly 2010, and giving a guy with his attitude and flopping issues a conference player of the year award probably wouldn't send a great message.

As for Wiggins, I think he's going to win Big 12 POY (whether I think he should or not, you'll have to wait until next week) and by definition that probably doesn't make you the nation's most underrated. I do think he is underrated though (as much as I hate that word) because media guys never look at defense unless steals or blocks are attached. Wiggins has been a lock down perimeter defender, he's shot the ball surprisingly well from the outside, and while his rebounding numbers aren't great, that's due to position more than ability.

I am reasonably sure that White, Rivals' 51st ranked player and 12th ranked small forward in the class of 2012, will be transferring. He's from the Richmond area, so obviously Richmond and VCU become obvious candidates for him. But I think he's better than that. I wouldn't be surprised in the least to see him end up at Virginia Tech, Wake, Maryland, or some other BCS school on the east coast. His offer list coming out of high school was pretty impressive, and I doubt there will be a shortage of suitors for his services come next season.