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Adidas Unveils New Kansas Jerseys for March

KU will get some fresh new jerseys for postseason play.

Taking a break from our analysis to share with you the new jerseys Kansas might be wearing in March. Adidas today unveiled two new jerseys for the Kansas Jayhawks, presumably for the Big 12 Tournament and/or the NCAA Tournament.







All of these pictures courtesy of Kansas Athletics and Adidas.

My take:

Finally. I'm not sure why Kansas couldn't have had these as the regular uniforms for the start. These are far superior to the regular home and away uniforms that KU received at the beginning of the year. At the very least, these are far better than the alternates we received around this time last year. I'm not sure if these will be used consistently going forward or if KU will continue to wear its "Phog" and "Chalk" alternates. Personally, I would like to see a mixture of both. I particularly love the "Chalk" cursive white alternates, but with the addition of these I am completely fine with whatever they choose to do, with a slight preference to not see the grey "Phog" ones again. I would expect with the addition of these uniforms that KU will no longer wear the regular uniforms they started the season with.

My personal ranking of the jerseys KU now has:

1. "Chalk" cursive white alternates

2. New March home whites

3. New March away blues

4. Original blue aways

5. "Phog" grey alternates

6. Original home whites

What do you guys think? What grade would you give these new jerseys? How would you rank the ones KU now has at its disposal, and what jerseys do you hope the Jayhawks wear going forward for home and away games?

Let me know in the comments.

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