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NBAHawks Update: March 20

RCT's weekly look at Jayhawks in the NBA.

This week's edition is slightly abbreviated due to my overwhelming inability to focus on anything other than the imminent NCAA tournament. I'm sure you can sympathize. As ever, questions, criticisms, suggestions, and large quantities of unmarked/ non-consecutive bills are welcome in the comments.

Operation #FreeTyshawn:

Ty has played two games since the last update, and while he has still struggled with turnovers (5 in each game) he has filled up the statline elsewhere. Last Friday he put up 17 points on 14 shots while adding 8 rebounds, 6 assists, and a steal. Then on Sunday he registered 23 on 16 shots, but could've had a few more as he went an uncharacteristic 5 of 12 from the charity stripe. He had a near triple-double as he had 9 assists and 7 rebounds as well in that one.

The Morris Twins Are Still Good:

The Morris Twins are still playing well. Markieff is probably a bit better than Marcus. This has been your Wendy's Totally Serviceable Fast Food Totally Serviceable NBA Player Pairing Update of the Week.

Withey's Minutes on the Rise:

Just a week after I opined that Jeff Withey was on his way to a consistent 10-15 minutes a night, those predictions look like they may have been conservative. Sure, I seemed like Nostradamus after Withey saw the expected 12 minutes last Friday, but when Jeff amassed a career high in minutes on Sunday he had me feeling like Warren Jeffs... The Big W played 29 against the Boston Celtics in a win and followed that up with 27 in a loss against the Raptors. Jeff was a combined 4-8 from the field and a disappointing 3-8 from the line for 11 points with 5 blocks, 4 assists, 9 rebounds, and a steal in those two. Before you know it he'll be playing all 48... They grow up so fast *chokes back tears*.

Darrell Arthur Panning Out:

I know this headline is not very good, but he plays for the Nuggets, so just let me have this one. LET ME HAVE THIS ONE. Aaaaaanyway. In this week's T. Rowe Price Arbitrary Endpoints Extravaganza we'll be looking at Shady's stretch from last Wednesday up until now. In those 5 games Darrell has averaged 12 points per game on 52.4% shooting from the field and nearly 64% from 3 as the Nuggets have gone 4-1, including wins at Miami and against the Clippers.

Drew Gooden? More like "Do Good-in... games":

#KilledIt. Drew is this weeks Fancy Feast Power Shrugger of the Week after an all-timer performance HERE (beware of possible volume). Drew had two great performances on Saturday and Tuesday, going for 21 on 11 shots and 18 on 10 shots, respectively. If he continues this level of play the Wizards could be a tough out in the playoffs. Gooden may be the late-season acquisition of the season as he's shooting 59% overall and is 5-8 from 3 while scoring nearly 10 points per game in just 16 minutes per game. Not too shabby.

Another thing that's not too shabby:

A Drew Gooden pass-and-run sequence...

Cole Aldrich's Knicks are 7-0 Since Boosie Was Freed:

This headline totally belongs in this update. This also proves that the US penal system has been the only thing holding the New York Knicks back for all these years. Sadly, I had all my life's savings on James Dolan.

Xavier Henry Does Another Awesome Thing:

I almost like this highlight more than his posterization of Jeff Withey earlier this season. It's hypnotic.