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Awesome House of Cards Themed KU Fan Pictures Are Awesome

Some cool pictures put together by a KU student that have a House of Cards theme.

You guys watch House of Cards? You should, because it's awesome, and also you will have a greater appreciation for these cool pictures put together by KU student Jason Fried with quotes from the hit Netflix show.


Welcome back, indeed. Missed you, March Madness.




If I had a championship ring I would probably Frank Underwood every table like that.


Another one from the great season 2 premiere monologue (seriously, watch the show).


Ha. Get it? Because it's... Ah, you get it.

Just another fun little bit for you guys. My Eastern Kentucky scouting report will be up here tomorrow morning. It'll be very detailed in case you're curious to learn about that team, but I'll divide it up so it's easy to scan quickly.

You can follow me on Twitter @TJFsports, and you can follow the creator of these images at @ForFriedom. He's a KU student and basketball fan like all of us, so he would be a good new follow. 'Tis the season.

EDIT: Oh and I shouldn't have to say this, but let's not put House of Cards spoilers in the comments, okay? I don't want to have to check back here to delete comments.