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ESPN's Sport Science on Andrew Wiggins

The people over at Sport Science gave some of their observations on the freak athleticism of Andrew Wiggins.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Sport Science, which is a series of videos and shows that explores certain aspects of science behind sports, came out with a video today about Kansas freshman Andrew Wiggins. I'm sure it comes as a surprise to exactly no one that it focused on his freak athleticism

You can watch the video here, over at ESPN.

The highlights:

  • At 6'8, Wiggins has a stride length of 8 feet, a full foot longer than Kevin Durant's, who is an inch taller. This enables Wiggins to take the ball from beyond the three point line to the basket in just two steps.
  • When Wiggins accelerates to the basket with the ball, he tops 20 miles per hour. This is on par with NBA All-Star Chris Paul.
  • With a 7 foot wingspan and a 40+ inch vertical, Wiggins can grab passes that are over 12 feet high (2 feet above the rim).
  • This also gives Wiggins a range of over 3,900 cubic feet, which is on par with LeBron James and 8% more than the average NBA center.
  • They were also impressed with his body control. They showed a clip of Wiggins being able to rotate his shoulder 90 degrees in midair in less than .20 seconds.

None of this is that surprising, but it's pretty cool. The nugget about his range being on par with LeBron James was pretty interesting.

Just a fun little video to feed you content-hungry folk this week. There's gonna be a ton of posts this week. I'm currently working on a way too detailed scouting report about Eastern Kentucky. It probably will be more detailed than any scouting report on a 15 seed this year.

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