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Kansas Basketball Recruiting: Looking Toward 2014 Class Contributions

Kansas Basketball Recruiting: Looking Toward 2014 Class Contributions

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

While the 3rd stage of the 2013-2014 season is set to begin and we all hope Kansas puts together a deep run, 2014-2015 will be here soon and Kansas hosted a pretty big name just last week on senior night. Myles Turner stepped foot on the Kansas campus for the home finale against Texas Tech, it was a visit that came together late and it came together quickly. Turner has long been rumored as a potential future Jayhawk, but much of that seemed to hinge on whether or not Joel Embiid remained on campus.

With that looking less and less likely, Kansas appears to be making a push for Turner to go along with current signees Cliff Alexander and Kelly Oubre. Whether that push proves successful is yet to be determined, but if the Jayhawks walk into next season with Embiid or Alexander, it would be a nice start to the season.

In all reality Kansas already has the two key pieces it needs. Alexander had a monster senior season, recently won the high school Naismith and is a very real possibility as the number one recruit in the country when the final rankings come out. Alexander is big, physical and he has a deceptively long defensive game. Alexander can walk into the Kansas rotation next year and compete physically from the outset and he can contribute immediately.

On the outside Kansas is adding Kelly Oubre. Oubre is long, athletic and has an outside shot that Kansas is really lacking right now. Granted the Jayhawks will certainly hope for improvement from the likes of Conner Frankamp, Brennan Greene and perhaps Wayne Selden, but Oubre should walk in and boost the outside shooting capabilities of the roster early.

Those two additions assume the departure of Wiggins and the known departure of Tarik Black. Two recruits remain on the board in Turner and JaQuan Lyle. Both hinge on additional departures, Embiid being the important one for Turner, any other opening probably makes room for Lyle. Now it should be noted that anyone not wanting a sophomore Embiid over a freshman Turner is probably crazy, but given his likely draft position and this nagging injury, it would seem likely that Embiid should go. With that in mind Turner is another immediate impact freshman in a big man rotation that is going to be growing into a more seasoned crew.

If Kansas loses another player, likely to transfer, that opens up the door for Lyle who is a big five star guard. He may or may not be an immediate impact given the roster, but he's a talented player that is worth taking a shot with and seeing how he develops.

All in all Kansas is once again sitting in a great position when it comes to recruiting. Self and his roster is pushing toward a better blend of young talent and talented upperclassman and right now things are firing on all cylinders from a recruiting standpoint. All eyes for the month of April and May will be on Embiid, Turner and any other late shifts leading to an opening for Lyle.