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The RCT Bill Self Era Fantasy Draft Extravaganza

"holy shit look at all that talent"
"holy shit look at all that talent"
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the KU fantasy draft! Here RCT contributors TJFsports, notkapowski, misterbrain, KUGrad08, and PenHawk will be drafting KU players from the Bill Self era in an effort to humiliate the others with their superior basketball knowledge. We have seen a ton of these crop up over the last week or so (edit: if TJFSports's twitter feed is to be believed, it appears @ksheahon on twitter was the first to come up with the idea), only natural when you win 10 titles in a row I guess, and decided to add our two (or 6) cents. The rules: only players who played for Bill Self are eligible (so if you played for both Roy Williams and Bill Self you ARE eligible). We’ll each pick a starting 5 and three bench spots. To mitigate confusion regarding whether we are taking a guy based on a single season or his career, I am going to refer to it as picking a player at the peak of his powers. For example, you wouldn’t say "I am drafting 2013-14 Naadir Tharpe," but if you draft Tharpe, you are doing so with this version of him in mind. Got it? Good.

It will be a snake style draft, so misterbrain will get to pick 5th and 6th, and we’ll go until everyone has drafted 8 guys. TJFsports is on the clock. Before we get started with the actual picks, here is what everyone ended up with for lineups:

TJFsports PenHawk notkapowski KU Grad 08 misterbrain
Sherron Collins Tyshawn Taylor Russ Robinson Tyrel Reed Aaron Miles
Mario Chalmers Xavier Henry Brady Morningstar Keith Langford Elijah Johnson
Travis Releford Andrew Wiggins Marcus Morris Brandon Rush Ben McLemore
Perry Ellis Julian Wright Markieff Morris Darrell Arthur Darnell Jackson
Thomas Robinson Wayne Simien Cole Aldrich Joel Embiid Jeff Withey
(Bench) (Bench) (Bench) (Bench) (Bench)
JR Giddens Tarik Black David Padgett Sasha Kaun Kevin Young
Jeff Graves Naadir Tharpe Wayne Selden Jeff Hawkins Michael Lee
Frank Mason Josh Selby Andrew White III Mario Little Jamari Traylor
Anrio Adams Nick Bahe Tyler Self Brad Witherspoon Matt Kleinmann

Bonus impartial analysis before we get to the actual picks:

With all of these teams being great, it's probably a bit easier to analyze them from the standpoint of their biggest weakness. TJFSports has no size, and would probably get obliterated inside. Robinson was not a very good defender in Lawrence, but he usually did it without having to do the bulk of the defending. The bench is also pretty thin, with Graves and Mason being virtual zeroes for these purposes

Penhawk has the most athletic team but, like TJFSports, has a lack of size. I don't think there are many other post players in this draft who wouldn't score inside on them, and there are some definite character concerns. Offensively they are very good, and Wiggins should be able to defend anyone else in this draft on the perimeter, but once it got down low, it's 2 points.

Notkapowski's biggest weakness is probably a lack of a backup point guard. Morningstar and Selden could play the 1 and 2 when Robinson got rest, but Russ would need to be out there the vast majority of the time. The biggest positive here though is flexibility down low. Marcus can play the 3 or 4, Markieff can play the 4 or 5, Padgett can play the 4 or 5, Selden and Morningstar can play the 1 or 2, etc. etc. The three final teams have a leg up on the first two because they have the rim protection that the others don't have. This means they can take some offense on the perimeter. However, Robinson, Morningstar, and even Markieff Morris were all good defenders, and while Marcus definitely isn't, you could hide him on some of these other guys and, like I said, have Cole Aldrich behind him.

Grad's team definitely has the worst ballhandling. No secret there. But they have a great 1-2 scoring punch down low, Rush is one of the best perimeter defenders in this draft, and again, there's a lot of versatility here. Little can sub in at the 3 or 4, Langford can play the 2 or 3, Rush can get away with playing 2, 3 or 4, and in my mind you can't have enough players from that 08 title team.

Misterbrain has the best interior defender in the draft, to be sure, but the worst defensive perimeter defense by a pretty wide margin. (although given how the defense has been this year, maybe Elijah was a bit underrated). Like Grad, there's not a lot of ballhandling here, as Elijah and McLemore were both pretty loose with the ball, so that puts a lot of pressure on Aaron Miles to do his thing for 40 minutes.


1. TJFsports: Mario Chalmers

This was an incredibly difficult choice for me. Eventually I narrowed it down to either Chalmers or Wiggins. I’m not sure if Chalmers was Self’s best player, but point guards and shooting guards are significantly less deep during the Self era than bigs, so I figure he could fulfill either need, as he showed throughout his career. I also watched some old games recently from 2008 and was reminded of just how awesome Chalmers was, especially his junior season. Per 40 minutes, Chalmers had 17.0 points on incredible efficiency (56.2 from two, 46.8 from three), 5.8 assists, 4.1 rebounds, and not to mention he was an incredible college defender wreaking havoc in the passing lanes and getting 3.3 steals. Oh, and he also had the tendency to hit some important shots and was the Most Outstanding Player of the 2008 Final Four. Dunno if you guys remember that or not.

2. PenHawk: Andrew Wiggins

Easy pick for me. Since Wiggins hit his stride at the beginning of conference play, he’s been amazing. With this pick I get a 17ppg scorer, 40% 3 point shooter, and excellent perimeter defender who can get to the line. Once Wiggins has been gone for a couple years, he may well be remembered as the most complete player Self has ever coached. Welcome to team PenHawk, Wiggins.

3. notkapowski: Cole Aldrich

Pretty excited to get the #1 guy on my board at third overall. Hopefully you guys take it this easy on me the rest of the way. In Cole’s final year in Lawrence he was a better shotblocker than Embiid, and did so while being an even bigger part of the offense (his shot% was basically equal to Embiid, but Cole played more minutes). He also was virtually even with Jeff Withey from a shot blocking standpoint, and Withey is remembered as the best interior defender of his era.

Aldrich’s Sophomore year offensive rating would rank highest on this Jayhawk squad, which may be Self’s best offensive team he's had yet. He looked goofy out there at times, but he really could do it all on offense and defense. He was a great defender, good shooter, above average rebounder, and even shot almost 80% from the line one year. notkapowski 1, everyone else in this draft 0.

4. KU Grad 08: Joel Embiid

I was going to pick Cole if you didn’t Fetch. But it all starts with a dominant center for me, so I’ll go with Embiid although I had to think about between he and Withey...

5. misterbrain: Jeff Withey

Like Grad, it all starts in the middle for me, with center being by far the most important position. Add to that the fact that there are really only 3 true centers worth building a team around, and this is the obvious choice here. Jeff is the perfect anchor for my team.

I'm actually surprised he is still here, as his best season is better than or equal to Cole's in nearly every way. For comparison, let's look at the final season for each.

First, while Cole played an impressive 66.6% of the available minutes, Withey played a staggering 76.0% of the available minutes for last year's team. Withey has the higher usage rate (21.5 to 19.9) with only a slightly lower offensive rating (117.8 to 121.2). A wash except for the nearly 10% difference in available minutes played and the fact that Withey had 1 foul less per 40 minutes (2.7 to 3.8).

Defensively, they are pretty much even, with Cole being a better rebounder, but Withey better with the blocks. Offensively, Withey averaged more points per 40 (17.8 to 16.9) with a higher FG % (58.2 to 56.2) and FT % (71.4 to 67.9).

Overall, it looks like I got the steal of the first round.


1. misterbrain: Aaron Miles

I was tempted to lock up my starting frontcourt with Simien or one of the Morrii, but there are plenty of starting-quality forwards I can grab in later rounds. The other two pieces you need on a championship quality team are a top-rated PG to run the offense, and a lockdown perimeter defender. I decided to kill those two birds with one stone with this pick.

It's been a while since he suited up for the Jayhawks, so it is pretty easy to forget just how good he was, both as a defender and running the offense. However, he ended his career with the 2nd most steals in KU history and the 9th most assists in NCAA history at the time.

This pick lets me lock up the two most important positions on my roster.

2. KU Grad 08:Brandon Rush

A PG would be nice but I simply can’t pass up Rush here. BRush is such a complete player - a great outside shooter, athlete who can get to the rim and best of all an absolute lock-down defender. Rush manning the perimeter with Embiid inside gives me a great one-two punch on the wing and inside. I’ve got some bargain deals for other guards in mind later so I’m hoping I can grab a steal or two there.

3. Notkapowski: Markieff Morris

I had narrowed it down to three possible guys before taking Markieff. Though I am loathe to take a question mark defensively, Markieff was decent enough at standing there and making guys shoot over him. He also had a decent enough block percentage. He was an above average rebounder, and a highly efficient scorer who could go inside and outside probably better than any big man Self has had. With he and Cole as my 4 and 5 there are few teams that could out rebound us and none that could stop us from scoring.

4. Penhawk: Wayne Simien

I feel lucky to be getting the best post scorer of the Bill Self era down at the 9th pick. While not a "rim protector," Simien was respectable defensively, and was an absolute monster on the boards, both offensively and defensively. His senior year he was the only 20ppg scorer Self has coached at Kansas (with a 119 oRtg), and was an 82% free throw shooter over 174 attempts. He was also two-time First Team All-Big 12, and won the Big 12 POTY award

5. TJFsports: Thomas Robinson

>I really thought I was much lower on these next two guys than pretty much every KU fan, but I couldn't pass up T-Rob here. He was an absolute beast on the boards and with the ball inside. He wasn't a great defender, but with Withey he didn't really need to be. For most of the 2012 season he put KU on his back, at least until Tyshawn Taylor came into his own during conference season and the trio of Elijah, Travis and Withey came alive in the tournament. T-Rob put up per 40 numbers of 22.3 points and 14.9 rebounds and was First Team All-American as well as Big 12 POTY.


1. TJFsports: Sherron Collins

I've long been of the belief that Sherron is a bit overrated by both KU fans and Bill Self. I still think if you look at it, his senior season is not nearly as good as people remember it, and Tyshawn’s senior season was probably better. But he was a damn good player and I'm very surprised he fell this far. His junior season was probably his peak, as he averaged 18.9 points, 5.0 assists and 2.9 rebounds, on decent but not amazing efficiency. However, I think in his prime and working in a backcourt with Chalmers, he would be fantastic, and a better fit alongside Chalmers than Tyshawn. We saw how awesome that combo was late in games in 2008, including the epic comeback that culminated in a championship. Sherron was a first team and second team All-American.

I'm fairly shocked I was able to get T-Rob and Sherron with the 10th and 11th picks. I thought for sure that someone would reach and draft them both top 5 but as it is, it seems like I got two steals. Sherron and T-Rob are better than the 10th and 11th best players of the Self era. Paired with Chalmers, I just need one wing and a big to fill out my starting lineup.

2. PenHawk: Tyshawn Taylor

With Chalmers off the board early, Tyshawn was actually my top pick for PG over Sherron. Comparing their senior seasons, TT scored more points per 40, shot better from 3 point range (with a 3% higher eFG), and put up a better assist %, all while being a superior defender. The only number that swings when you compare him to Sherron’s junior year is the PP40. The only argument against him would be his turnovers, but those dropped off quite a bit toward the end of the year. Tyshawn Taylor in top KU form was one of the best point guards in Kansas history.

3. notkapowski: Marcus Morris

Really? I get Cole and the Morii? Thanks guys. On my last pick I debated between the two Morri and Trob, and while Marcus will probably struggle defensively at the three, we now have enough offense to overwhelm opposing defenses. Marcus was one of the most efficient scorers, big or small, of the Self era, and he allows Kansas to play a variety of lineups, with the ability to switch to the 4 or even the 5 when Markieff and/or Cole has to sit.

Marcus was the Big 12 POY in his final year in Lawrence, and it's not hard to see why. 1.22 PPP, taking 27% of the possible shots, shooting 62% from two, drawing more fouls than anyone on the team, rebounding, he had it all. He's a bit shaky defensively, but the rest of the lineup will more than cover up for him. Plus, he gets to play with Markieff which, as we've seen at every level, only enhances both their powers.

4. KU Grad 08: Keith Langford

I need someone who can slash to the basket and Langford is my guy. To me, he is a perfect compliment to Rush. Rush’s consistency from three opens things up for Langford, and Langford’s ability to get to the rim will also help Rush bomb away from downtown. Keith seems to get overlooked by a lot of KU fans but the guy was a phenomenal athlete and could get to the rim at will. Not only that, but he has nice size, can defend and isn’t a bad three point shooter (36% his last two years at KU). Over his last couple of years at KU he averaged about 15 ppg with 3 assists and nearly 5 rebounds.. I think he and Rush make a nasty combo outside to compliment Embiid inside.

5. misterbrain: Ben McLemore

I'm surprised he dropped this far. Playing the wing for me, his athleticism is a huge addition to my team. Much like Rush was a must-have up above, there is no way I can pass on him here.


1. misterbrain: Darnell Jackson

This one was really tough for me. However, with the huge rush on big men, I almost feel like I have to take him here. Serving as the main option down low for the title team, he still out up huge numbers without the benefit of a true center. Don't get me wrong, Arthur and Kaun were great on that team, but pair him with Withey, who is a great interior passer, and Jackson will get plenty of great looks. Plus on defense, having Withey on the inside will allow him to lock down on big guys in the mid range.

2. KU Grad 08: Darrell Arthur

Good lord how is Arthur still available? I’m definitely gobbling him up here to be my four. Arthur is a versatile scorer and can help space the floor. Pairing him with Embiid gives me length and scoring in the post. The 6’9 Arthur averaged 13 ppg on 54% shooting his final year in Lawrence with a healthy 109 offensive rating.

3. Notkapowski: Russell Robinson

I was going to take Arthur if Grad didn’t and just overwhelm teams with length, but I need to grab a point guard. Robinson wasn’t great offensively, but he was the best perimeter defender Bill Self has had, and I trust him to get the ball to the Morri and Cole enough to where his inability to shoot won’t hamper him. He actually had a fairly high turnover rate in the national title year, but if you could combine Sophomore year RussRob in that respect with Senior year RussRob in all others, you’d have one hell of a point guard.

4. PenHawk: Julian Wright

Really? I’m picking at the end of the 4th round and I’m getting a lottery pick? Julian Wright adds a respectable shotblocker to my lineup with insane athleticism. Another 20%+ defensive rebounder and 10%+ offensive rebounder, too. Yes, please

5. TJFsports: Travis Releford

The thinking for my next two picks is as follows: there aren’t any stars left on the board. I have three of the best players in Kansas history in Chalmers, Collins, and T-Rob. I need two guys that can fill out my starting lineup that will be excellent complementary players, do their job, and not turn the ball over.

So, while I really thought I would end up taking Xavier Henry here, but the more I look at it, I have to go with Releford. In addition to being a superior perimeter defender to Henry, Releford’s senior year was one of the most efficient seasons in the Self era from a perimeter player. He had a true shooting percentage of 67.7, shooting 65.9% from two and 41.5% from three, as well as 78.9% from the free throw line. He also took really good care of the ball, only having just 1.9 turnovers per 40 minutes. As an efficient, intelligent player who is a great defender, he is a pretty fantastic fit on a team that has as much talent as this one does. He would be a perfect 4th or 5th starter on a team that has Sherron, Mario and T-Rob.


1. TJFsports: Perry Ellis

I was really, really hoping that somehow Arthur would fall to me, but I see that was silly of me. My next hope was Wright, but stupid Penhawk had to take him just before I could. But, I get a pretty great consolation prize for my second big in Perry Ellis. While it would have been ideal to get a true center to pair next to T-Rob, the likes of Aldrich, Embiid and Withey were gone by the end of the first round. I think a frontcourt of Robinson and Ellis is more than good enough, though, and the perimeter defense of Chalmers and Releford should be enough to prevent a lack of great rim protection from being a problem. Ellis is currently posting per 40 numbers of 19.1 points and 9.2 rebounds on a team-best 127.2 offensive rating. Having Ellis and T-Rob both in the frontcourt gives me two excellent, go-to bigs in the post that were both perfect for Bill Self’s system. Neither are a huge center, but KU won a national championship game in 2008 by starting two

My starting lineup is now Sherron, Chalmers, Releford, Ellis, and T-Rob. I feel pretty good about that. Your move, Pen.

2. PenHawk: Xavier Henry

Henry may be the most underrated Jayhawk in recent history. In X, I get a wing with nearly equal PP40 to B-Mac, equal 3pt shooting to Releford and McLemore, virtually identical rebounding numbers to McLemore, and an outstanding defender who generated more steals than either player. My starting backcourt is Tyshawn, Xavier, and Wiggins. Good luck getting the ball past the perimeter.

3. notkapowski: Brady Morningstar

I really should have gone with Xavier over Russ. I love Russ but Russ would have been there for this pick I think. Someone please say otherwise so I cannot kill myself.

Anyways, a bit off the board here with Morningstar, but he was a really good (maybe? definitely a good) perimeter defender, and he contributed in other ways. He was a good passer, he provides some much needed perimeter shooting, and also some veteran leadership as I believe he graduated with an AARP card.

4. KU Grad 08: Tyrel Reed

Many view Reed as simply a guy who chucked some threes but he was a much more complete player than that. He improved defensively during his time at Kansas, had a very low turnover rate and was a better ball-handler and driver than people remember. He can play some point for me or fill in as a guard off the bench when Langford or Rush need a spell (I’m not worried with him handling the point with Langford to help him out as a ball handler). Not only that, but with the makeup of my team and Langford’s driving, the presences in the post, Rush on the wing, etc Reed could have open looks from the top of the key (his speciality) all game long.

5. misterbrain: Elijah Johnson

To be clear, I'm taking Elijah as a SG, not a PG, but the fact that he can fill in at the 1 in a pinch definitely helps. He gets ripped a lot for his PG days, but to be honest, he really isn't the best idea for being there full-time.

As a shooting guard though, he was highly effective, with a jump in FG% of over 5% from his senior season. In fact, the only thing that didn't take a significant hit when he moved to PG was his assist numbers, which is pretty obvious as to why.


1. misterbrain: Kevin Young

I debated about this one long and hard. I was struggling on what was most important to lock up: a strong 3 point shooter, a solid backup PG, a bruiser to soak up fouls? In the end, I decided that I needed a big, and who better than the best energy guy in the Bill Self era?

Young may not have the best stats of the available guys, but his energy consistently fed Withey and the rest of last year's team. He was relentless on defense, and overall is an excellent start to my bench.

2. KU Grad 08: Sasha Kaun

Kaun makes for a really nice backup in the post. He is a solid defender and rebounder and can score around the rim when needed. I need some insurance for Embiid who can be foul and/or injury prone. Kaun is a solid anchor to have on the bench. That leaves me with a starting five of Reed-Langford-Rush-Arthur-Embiid with Kaauuuuuuunnnn on the bench. Shaping up nicely I think.

3. notkapowski: David Padgett

Cheating? Maybe. Padgett just played one year for Self, but had the #1 offensive rating in the country in his Junior year at Louisville. He can fill in at the 4 or 5 for me, giving me the most versatile lineup out there so far.

4. PenHawk: Tarik Black

I’m cheating in the other direction from notkapowski. In his one season at Kansas, Black has been fantastic outside of a little foul trouble. Looking at their profiles, Tarik Black and Darnell Jackson’s senior seasons are virtually identical (Black actually looks a bit better defensively). That, plus his attitude and leadership make him a great asset as my big man off the bench

5. TJFSports: JR Giddens

Per 40 Giddens had 17.5 points and 5.6 rebounds, and shot 58.3% from two and 40.7% from three. Giddens is a more than capable scoring threat off the bench and can fill in at the two or three (this is another reason I loved taking Chalmers, as he can be the SG but be the PG when Collins needs a rest).

Also, Giddens follows me on twitter, and once replied to me when I asked if he was still playing, "J Giddy is still gettin jiggy, yo."


1. TJFsports: Jeff Graves

Sentimental pick here, as Gravy was my first favorite KU player. Yes, really. I became a fan during the 2003 season (Roy’s last year) when I was 12 years old. I became attached quickly, and stupid f***ing Syracuse broke my little heart. I hate you, Gerry McNamara

Anyway, Graves is a very solid big off the bench and was able to start on two great teams, and more than adequately filled in on the 2003 squad when Simien went down. His numbers weren’t crazy, but Graves rebounded, defended, and finished well enough to be a backup big on a championship team. Oh, by the way, I really like the complement of a 3 man big rotation of T-Rob, Perry and Gravy.

2. PenHawk: Naadir Tharpe

First of all, TJF, I will never forgive you. You left my team completely Giddensless, and eventually you’re going to have to answer for it. That said, Tharpe’s conference numbers are insane, and getting him as a backup point guard is a steal. His defense wouldn’t be a big concern in his role on this team, and to grab a PG posting a 126.8 oRtg, shooting around 40% from three, with a 2.7:1 Ast:TO ratio who is automatic from the free throw line, in the seventh round, is a big victory even if it doesn’t result in me getting my hero JR Giddens

3. notkapowski: Wayne Selden

First off, how does Pen get the two guys I always champion? That doesn’t make sense to me. Anyways, Selden adds more outside shooting, and he’s gotten a lot better at going to the rim as well. He’s struggled defensively but I think he’s improved there over the course of the year too. His ceiling as a draft pick is certainly higher than anyone else who is going to be drafted here and even if he’s strictly on the team as a shooter I think it’s a worthwhile pick, but he has the ability to be as good as a guy picked in the top 10-15 picks of this draft.

4. KU Grad 08: Jeff Hawkins

Say whaaaaaaat?! Yeah thats right, Jeff MFing Hawkins son. My team really needs another player who can play point guard and handle the rock and I was hoping Tharpe would fall to me here but PenHawk has to ruin dreams. Anyways, don’t tell me you forgot about Hawkins, who was pretty underrated as a Jayhawk. During his first three years in Lawrence, he didn’t see the court too much backing up Aaron Miles. Still, in his junior season he shot 49 (!) percent from three while playing about 10 minutes a game. As a senior, Hawkins finally got serious minutes as Self relied on him as Russell Robinson and Mario Chalmers learned the ropes. Hawkins still shot well, shooting over 40% from three while his attempts went into triple digits. Hawkins was also a pretty good defender to boot. He gives me a much-needed additional ball handler and someone who can knock down the open three when teams are keying on Arthur/Rush/Embiid/Langford/etc

5. misterbrain: Michael Lee

This pick was excruciatingly difficult, as we are finally to the point where there just aren’t any no-brainers left. It all comes down to what your team still needs, and what fits into what you already have. I’m already pretty set down low, and Traylor is the only one down low really worth taking at this point. I’ve got some decent 3-point options, but I could really use another sharpshooter. I actually found a decent all-around guard in Lee, as his overall game is much better than I remembered. He should fill in nicely if any of my starters need a rest.


1. misterbrain: Jamari Traylor

So the way I see it, there are 5 players that are legitimately left to fill out everyone’s rosters: Christian Moody, Conner Teahan, Frank Mason, Mario Little, and Jamari Traylor. However, I’m having trouble finding someone who fits my needs. Little didn’t play nearly enough to allow me to trust his numbers, and they honestly aren’t that impressive to begin with. Mason has been good in spurts this year, but he suffers from the same problem I’m having with including Greene and White as legitimate options here. There just aren’t enough minutes there for me to really be comfortable sticking them squarely into my rotation. While Moody was a nice story, he just doesn’t have the stats to justify making half the rotation bigs who are not able to play the 3.

Traylor is a bit better of a fit, but again, I’m having trouble locking so many guys in for just 2 spots. In a pinch, Lee and McLemore could serve as a pair of wings and I could play a small lineup, so having a 4th big guy isn’t a huge priority here. And now that I’m thinking about it, I really already have Young who could also slide into the 3 if needed, so all of that is now a wash. Kind of shows how tough this decision is, right?

After all this debating, I’m down to Traylor and Teahan. After careful consideration, I’m going to have to backtrack and ultimately select Traylor. Teahan was great in the one year that he got a shot, but even though he did join the football team at one point, he was only used in 1 year for a reason. Traylor has been a more consistent contributor, and his defense and athleticism down low give me more flexibility in my lineups.

2. KU Grad 08: Mario Little

I like the flexibility Little offers here. The 6’6 swingman was a pretty good shooter for the Jayhawks, and shot 37% from three over his two years playing in Lawrence with a 115 offensive rating. Little played both on the wing and at the four in small-ball lineups (and found a way to gobble up 3 boards a game in limited minutes). If need be, I could probably play Rush or Langford at the two (if either is in foul trouble) with Little at the three or have Little play some four in a small-ball lineup next to Embiid or Kaun as a rim protector.

3. notkapowski: Andrew White

For an 8th man, I want a guy who can do a variety of things. Enter, Andrew White. White has a 59.3% eFG this year, has a defensive rebounding rate of 18.8% (which, for comparison’s sake, is better than Perry Ellis’s) he has blocked a couple shots, he doesn’t turn it over, and he’s an underrated defender. He also has a high basketball IQ, which is something I value in a guy who is going to be getting bench minutes. I also value flexibility, and because White is a 6’6" guy who can handle the ball, I can play him at the two or the three and go with a big lineup or small one.

4. PenHawk: Josh Selby

I know Selby is one of the least liked KU players in recent memory, but come on. This is my last pick, the last guy off the bench, and I’m getting a guy who was good enough to hang around the NBA for two years. Selby was a little turnover prone, but on this team he’s never going to be asked to be a primary ballhandler. For all his faults, Selby was a very respectable 3 point shooter (better than my other consideration here, Connor Teahan), and had explosive athleticism he could use to get to the basket (though he was hampered by an ankle injury for much of his lone season in Lawrence). He was a solid scorer with the length and quickness to be a disruption on the perimeter defensively, and he’s the only 8th round pick who’s ever going to see the court in The Association. Too good to pass up this late

5. TJFsports: Frank Mason

There wasn’t a whole lot to choose from here, but Mason is actually a pretty decent pick. I don’t have a point guard off the bench, though I could have been fine with both Collins and Chalmers. Mason is currently averaging per 40 numbers of 14.5 points and 5.1 assists. He’s definitely a better defender than Tharpe, and all in all not at all bad to pick up a the third ball handler as good as this with the very last pick of the draft.