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Rock Chalk Mailbag

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I am sure you're getting tired of reading this by now, but if you want your mailbag question answered, email rockchalkmailbag at gmail dot com or send in a tweet to @rockchalktalk. Let's get it on.

I think probably. I don't know if it's that cut and dried, but I don't see Andrew White sticking around two more years to not play when he could be a productive player somewhere else.

Watching some Lyle tape, it's hard not to see why Bill Self would want him on campus. Obviously highlight tapes are going to skew perceptions of a guy but I did get to see Lyle play on ESPN3 when Huntington Prep took on Arsenal Tech out of Indiana. Lyle is definitely a combo guard, the type that Bill Self loves, and I loved his vision on the court and his ability to do a lot of different things. He needs to do a bit of work on his  body, but even so he looked like he was quick and athletic, so I imagine he'll be an explosive athlete if he gets to work with Hudy.

I am sticking with Winter Olympics since those just ended.

Tarik Black and Jamari Traylor would make a pretty formidable two man bobsled team. I can only imagine the types of start times they would have pushing the sled down the track.

Perry Ellis is the perfect biathlete. In biathon, one has to cross country ski long distances, and then periodically stop and shoot at targets 50 or so yards away. Obviously one has to have steady aim, and a calm heart rate, to accomplish this. Ellis, who never seems to get too high or too low, probably wouldn't ever miss a shot.

Andrew Wiggins isn't the most powerful player, but is wise beyond his years and has a high basketball IQ and pretty keen grasp on basketball strategy. Because of this, he would be the skip of our curling team, a sport which requires a strategic mind, a deft touch, and occasional bursts of power.

Frank Mason is small but powerful. He's also pretty damn athletic. I think he would be an excellent downhill skiier because downhill skiiers need the same type of fearlessness a 5'11" guy needs to have going to the rack.

I also think Mason would be a good short track speed skater, but I am going to go with Tharpe for that. To excel in that sport, one needs to be quick, and to not necessarily shy away from contact, but not go looking for it either.

This isn't a question, but I am going to answer it anyways since I have been talking up Perry as a three for awhile. It probably wouldn't work against smaller lineups, but he's shown the ability to handle the ball and shoot from the outside, and defensively he's been actually pretty good against bigs who like to play on the perimeter. So anyways, my answer:

/drops mic