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Texas Takes Apart Kansas in Austin

Kansas was back to non-conference form in Austin

Stacy Revere

At no point today did things look good for Kansas. Texas took what they wanted early, hitting 5 of their first 6 shots, and the lead only grew from there. Kansas was able to hit enough shots to hang around for much of the first half, and were down just 29-21 when the Longhorns went on a 9-0 run that, as it turned out, seal the Jayhawks' fate early.

Nothing seemed to go right in this one. Texas clogged the lane defensively, and Kansas was never able to establish any rhythm. Some effort appeared to be lacking as well, as Texas was grabbing over half their misses on the offensive boards for a majority of the game. Despite the double-digit loss, Kansas actually put up nine more shot attempts than the Longhorns, but only got to the line 19 attempts, compared to Texas' 45.

If you're looking for bright spots, Wayne Selden is about as close as it gets. With Wiggins struggling (he shot 2-12 from the field and fouled out), Selden assumed the go-to guy role that Wiggins took on in previous tough games against Florida and Sand Diego State. Selden scored 21, shooting 50% from the field, and was the only player who really did anything you could call a "hustle play."

There's really no time to dwell on this one. Kansas travels to Waco on Tuesday to play a Baylor team that was able to beat OSU in Stillwater today, and is fighting to stay on the right side of the bubble. Another lackluster effort Tuesday will likely drop Kansas into a tie for first place, as Texas gets TCU this week.

This recap is lacking in detail, but I'm not interested in rehashing what I just saw. Let's just hope this regression to early-season form was a one-game hiccup, and we can look like the team that reeled off seven straight wins to open conference play in Waco.