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Examining Beaty: A Q&A with Good Bull Hunting

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In our quest to learn as much as we can about our new head coach, I enlisted the aid of the people most familiar with the place he worked last. Luckily, Dr. Norris Camacho from Good Bull Hunting was able to take some time and answer a few questions for us.

RCT: Looking around on various A&M sites, it seems that the loss of Beaty is producing mixed reactions from the fanbase. That begs the question, how much will A&M actually miss Beaty now that he is gone?

GBH:I think the initial negativity you see stems from the drop-off in production from the WR's that we saw this season. I don't think that's all on him since the entire offense struggled at times and losing Mike Evans is going to hurt anyone. Josh Reynolds still managed to have somewhat of a breakout season and the evolution of Speedy Noil as a complete receiver has been fun to watch. With all that said, we had a lot of dropped passes this year and at least some of that has to fall on Beaty.

RCT: We all know he has the reputation as a master recruiter in Texas. How much of that do you think is his connections, and how much was that reputation enhanced by being able to attract recruits with the Texas A&M

GBH:I think it's a little of both. He's always been a great recruiter, so stepping into the spotlight with A&M in the SEC just enhanced that ability.

RCT: How involved with game-planning has Beaty been?

GBH:I remember reading in Bruce Feldman's all-access piece from the Alabama game in 2013 that Beaty was fairly involved in game-planning. Mike Evans had a breakout game that week.

RCT: Are there any A&M assistants that may come with him? If so, what kind of role do you think they will have with the team?

I have not heard of any other assistants following Beaty.

RCT: Overall, how well do you think he projects to be as the guy running the whole show? Which do you think will be harder for him to overcome, his lack of head coaching experience at the college level, or the challenges that come with coaching at Kansas?

GBH: I think he will be able to adapt fairly well to any unique challenges thrown his way, especially since he's been at Kansas before. If anything, there will probably be a little bit of a learning curve as he gets used to the controls of running a Power 5 team.

Beaty's been great for us and we wish him the best of luck as a head coach.

A big thanks to our friends over at Good Bull Hunting for helping us out today.