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College Football Open Thread: Week 15

A look at the final weekend before bowl season/playoffs.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Jayhawks are done playing, but in case you haven't heard, we have a brand new coach!!  More analysis on the David Beaty hire from RCT will be coming your way throughout the next few days.

Below is your schedule of Top-25 games for today.  There are no "games of interest" per se... they're all games of interest!

Games are listed in the order they are scheduled to start.

All times CENTRAL.

11:00 AM  Iowa State @ #3 TCU

Frogs need a big win.

2:30 PM  Oklahoma State @ #20 Oklahoma

Bedlam?  If you say so I guess.

3:00 PM  #1 Alabama vs #16 Missouruh

Geez I'm so torn on this one.  Nah screw Missouruh, they don't deserve nice things.

6:45 PM  #9 Kansas State @ #6 Baylor

Bears need a big win.

7:00 PM  #4 Florida State vs #11 Georgia Tech

7:17 PM  #13 Wisconsin vs #5 Ohio State

Who decided on the start time for this game?

9:00 PM  Fresno State @ #22 Boise State

I love the conference title games that are played on campus.  So awesome.