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Sources: Kansas To Hire David Beaty as Head Coach


Multiple reports have stated that Kansas will hire Texas A&M Receivers Coach and Recruiting Coordinator David Beaty to be the program's next head coach. Beaty was KU's receivers coach in 2008-09, and again in 2011.

As a head coach, Beaty's resume is incredibly thin. The Texas native has only been a head coach at the high school level, with a 39-15 career record. He has scant coordinating experience as well, serving as Rice's offensive coordinator in 2010 and our offensive coordinator in 2011. It is worth noting that KU was 94th in offensive S&P in 2011 and Rice was 101st in 2010, both via Football Outsiders.

Beaty's biggest selling point seems to be his recruiting ability and his ties to Texas. Beaty recruited multiple top 100 recruits to Texas A&M and is considered one of the best in the country. He also had a history of recruiting and developing underrecruited Texas kids to Kansas.

However, times are different since Beaty had success in Lawrence. There are more Texas programs able to keep in state talent, most notably Baylor, and recruiting kids to Lawrence is much different than recruiting kids to College Station. The relationships will help and no doubt our recruiting will see an uptick, but more than that we need to develop players, whether they be from Texas or otherwise.

It's a big risk to take, given Beaty's lack of coordinator and head coaching experience, but a lot of football people are high on him so it could pay off. While no contract details have obviously been disclosed, I imagine Beaty is taking less than a lot of the other top candidates would have, which would allow him to bring in an accomplished staff. He definitely needs to add an Xs and Os guy or two, and frankly I'm a little concerned we seem to be bringing back or keeping guys associated with a historically bad period of football.

Who knows. Maybe Beaty is the next Art Briles and/or maybe he will bring Bob Stitt in as the offensive coordinator and Kansas will have the most high flying offense in the country. Or, maybe we hired a recruiter who suddenly won't be able to recruit as well now that he's not down in Texas, and maybe we will still struggle to develop players like we have for the last five years.

edit: Sounds like Beaty will receive a 5 year deal for 800k per year.