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Twitter says Ed Warinner will be offered the Kansas football coaching job, but nothing is confirmed

Twitter blew up this afternoon after a rumor got out that Ed Warinner will be offered the head coaching job

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon Blair Sheade, sports editor for the University Daily Kansas, tweeted out the following:

"Sources told me Kansas Athletics have offered Ohio State OC Ed Warinner the #kufball HC position."

This prompted a number of Ohio State fans to lose their minds, and rumors started swirling. As of now, it should be noted that Jayhawk Slant and Matt Tait of the Lawrence Journal World have both tweeted that their sources tell them the committee is still whittling down their list, and no offers are being made yet.

It should also be noted that Sheade hedged somewhat about half an hour later, saying "Just because Warinner was offered the #kufball HC job, doesn't mean he'll accept it." That doesn't exactly scream confidence in his "sources."

Basically, this supports what we've been hearing for some time, but amounts to very little. Most have indicated that an announcement will come sometime next week, and it doesn't seem anything is close to being confirmed right now. At this point, I'm getting more optimistic that Warinner will be the man, but we're not there yet.