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Merry Christmas from RCT!

No matter what holiday you celebrate, we wish you a happy one on the day the government sets aside for us to be off work and with our families.

As has become somewhat a tradition in the year and a half that I've been "writing" for RCT (Do the News and Notes actually count as writing?), I've put together a little post to acknowledge the holidays that we are all celebrating this time of year.  However, in the spirit of family and celebration, I've decided to forgo the usual link dump and instead turn it over to our little family here.  What links/songs/sentiments/etc do you want to share with your fellow RCTers today?

Feel free to link anything and everything that you want to talk about today, whether it reminds you of the season or is just something you find interesting.  After all, isn't the holidays all about getting together with people you don't see as often as you wish you could and talking about or doing all the crazy things that you can?

In case you missed it, here is the link to Fetch's 5th Annual "Twas the Night Before Blogsmas" and this year is a gem.  As an additional treat, I've included links to the previous editions below, so feel free to browse through and look at how the community has changed in such a short 5 years.

While we all have family festivities to tend to today, we hope you are able to carve out some time to spend with us here at RCT.

Happy Holidays!

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