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Big 12 Basketball Weekly Power Rankings

My weekly rankings of the Big 12, top to bottom

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

If I released these on Monday, like most rankings, this would look a bit different at the top. But because Kansas played last night, I can't try to rank them like they didn't. Still, the Big 12 is looking mighty good right now, with seven teams ranked in the top 25 by KenPom. Not a ton of movement in the rankings this week, but the most I've had so far

1) Texas
Record: 10-1
LW Ranking: 2nd
KenPom ranking: 9th (LW: 11th)
Last week:
106-61 win vs Lipscomb, 78-68 win vs Long Beach State

We're starting to see hints of an offense from Texas now (albeit against weaker competition). If this team has figured out how to score, then look out. Their defense is stifling, and it's starting to look like the 'Horns may turn out to be the force I didn't really think they could be coming into this season

2) Kansas
Record: 9-2
LW ranking: 1st
KenPom ranking: 16th (LW: 9th)
Last week: 96-69 win vs Lafayette, 77-52 loss at Temple

Kansas suffered just the third 25+ loss of the Bill Self era last night, and it also happened to be the second of the season. Glancing at KU's schedule and record, it's easy to say Kansas is a really good team that didn't bring it on the road last night, but given the way they've been flirting with disaster over the past month, there is cause for some alarm (though probably not as much as we've seen since around 8:00 last night).

3) Oklahoma
Record: 8-3
LW ranking: 3rd
KenPom ranking: 12th (LW: 17th)
Last week: 85-53 win vs Oral Roberts, 69-67 loss vs Washington, 85-51 win vs Weber State

Oklahoma did lose their third of the season, but it was a neck-and-neck loss to an undefeated Washington team at a neutral location, so I'm not penalizing them at this point. In fact, I considered them for second. Oklahoma's defense continues to play a higher level than anyone expected, and their offense seems to be coming around. Don't let the L column fool you, this team is good

4) Iowa State
Record: 9-1
LW Ranking: 4th
KenPom ranking: 18th (LW: 18th)
Last week: 83-54 win vs Drake

It was a ho-hum week for Iowa State, who easily blew out an outmatched Drake squad. This will be another quiet week for the Cyclones, but I'm interested to see them on January 3rd, when they play a surprisingly respectable South Carolina squad

5) Baylor
Record: 10-1
KenPom ranking: 19th (LW: 13th)
Last week: 66-55 win vs New Mexico State, 70-66 win vs Southern

I was hesitant to move Baylor up to 5th after the close call at home against an awful Southern squad, but then again, these things happen (especially when Scott Drew is your coach). Overall, Baylor has still been solid on both ends of the court, and remains somewhat of a wildcard heading into conference play

6) Oklahoma State
Record: 9-1
LW ranking: 5th
KenPom ranking: 24th (LW: 19th)
Last week: 68-44 win vs Middle Tennessee, 73-64 loss vs Maryland

Maryland is looking pretty good, but the home loss drops Okie State a spot in the rankings. I think the trend that OSU is laying out will likely continue through the season. They'll win games against weaker opponents, but struggle with teams with a lot of talent. If they can notch an upset or two somewhere along the way, I still believe this could be a tournament team

7) West Virginia
Record: 11-1
LW Ranking: 7th
KenPom ranking: 20th (LW: 31st)
Last week: 83-69 win vs NC State, 77-44 win vs Wofford

In trying to sort out the rankings, I had West Virginia as high as 5th, but ultimately kept them 7th. Their schedule has been pretty weak, and I'm just not quite ready to buy that they've improved this much defensively from last year. The way their schedule plays out, it may be another month before we really know for sure

8) Kansas State
Record: 7-4
LW ranking: 8th
KenPom ranking: 79th (LW: 76th)
Last week: 71-64 win vs Texas A&M

Kansas State got a win they desperately needed. Not that A&M is a worldbeater, but a loss to them may have sealed their fate outside the bubble before Big 12 play even starts. They have a New Year's Eve matchup with a decent Georgia team next week, so their tumultuous non-con journey isn't over yet

9) TCU
Record: 12-0
LW ranking: 9th
KenPom ranking: 45th (LW: 60th)
Last week: 88-57 win vs UTSA, 80-39 win vs Grambling State

I know I'm being a stick in the mud on TCU (give they're ranked in the top 25 now and all), but their schedule has been truly awful. Only one more non-con patsy to go before getting a real test. Then we'll talk about moving them up

10) Texas Tech
Record: 9-2
LW ranking: 10th
KenPom ranking: 127th (LW: 109th)
Last week: 101-39 win vs SC State, 72-51 win vs Arkansas-Pine Bluff, 62-44 loss vs Loyola (IL)

For me, the biggest question surrounding Texas Tech is "will they move out of 10th place this year?" Loyola isn't a total joke of a team, but come on? An 18 point home loss? I put the over-under for Tech's conference wins at 1.5 this year

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