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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 12.12.14

A look-see around today's internets.

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Happy Friday!

- Kansas Sports -

University of Kansas MBB - Men's Hoops to Face Utah in Kansas City Shootout Saturday

No. 10/10 Kansas (7-1) makes its annual trip to the Sprint Center for the Kansas City Shootout presented by Aetna when it plays host to No. 13/14 Utah (7-1) on Dec. 13 at 2:15 p.m. (Central) on ESPN.

The Day After: A doozy in D.C. | Tale of the Tait |

Wednesday's victory was not just about Brannen Greene going bananas from downtown to lead the Jayhawks to victory. It was about the Jayhawks' ability to respond. It seemed like every time Georgetown threw a punch, the Jayhawks threw one back and regained control of the game.

KU senior JaCorey Shepherd says latest honor special for KU football program, too |

“I'm happy for the university as much as I am for myself,” he said. “It just goes to show that there are good players and good people at the University of Kansas and it feels real good to know that there are people outside of Lawrence and outside of Kansas that appreciate what I do.”

Hopes and concerns: Kansas Jayhawks - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

The Jayhawks announced the former Texas A&M receivers coach as their CEO earlier this week. He was passionate and emotional during his introductory news conference as his desire to succeed as the head coach at Kansas was readily apparent. Beaty promised to bring an uptempo offense and aggressive defense to the Jayhawks, who at the very least should be fun to watch in 2015.

University of Kansas WBB - Jayhawks Fall to Boilermakers on the Road, 61-48

Purdue's Whitney Bays used a game-high 19 points to lift the Boilermakers past another round of double-digit scoring efforts from Kansas senior duo Natalie Knight and Chelsea Gardner, in a 61-48 decision at Mackey Arena Thursday night.

- College Sports -

Tulsa Golden Hurricane to hire Baylor Bears OC Philip Montgomery - ESPN

"I've always wanted to be a head coach, but my family and I knew that it would take the right opportunity to get me to leave Waco. Tulsa is that special opportunity," Montgomery said in a statement. "There is a lot of work to get done and trust me, I'm already on it. Get ready for some fun, fast and physical football."

AD Barry Alvarez to coach Wisconsin Badgers in Outback Bowl - ESPN

Alvarez, the winningest coach in Badgers history (118-74-4), will coach Wisconsin against Auburn in the Outback Bowl on New Year's Day.

Air Force Falcons coach Troy Calhoun calls College Football Playoff 'un-American' - ESPN

"There's no doubt that it's all set up for five conferences, as it is," Calhoun said, according to the newspaper. "You've got to be in one of those five conferences. "It's un-American, bottom line. We live in a country where upward mobility is possible, where games should be played out on the field."

Controversy already; how soon before playoffs expand to eight teams? -

Hancock is only spouting what the contract says -- four teams for a dozen years. And contracts are made to be amended. Admit it: The first thing you thought Sunday when the first bracket was released was, how soon until we go to eight? It's on everyone's mind because we now have a clear view of how it looks to be left out.

- Potpourri -

Here's What The Johnny Manziel Effect Looks Like For Fox

Both the Tampa Bay at Carolina and Washington at New York matchups are trash, so only fans in those markets were scheduled to watch them. Practically the entire rest of the non-Ohio country was going to watch Aaron Rodgers and co. try and whoop the Bills. Until the Browns announced that Johnny Manziel would replace Brian Hoyer, that is.

How Accurate Are ESPN's Fantasy Football Projections?

Given that fantasy football championships are near, it seemed like a fun question to answer - how accurate are ESPN's weekly projections? Thankfully, ESPN has pages for their historical projections and weekly scoring. Mix in a little code, and we're able to answer the question pretty easily.

Oklahoma High School Can't Get Courts To Unbone Refs' Playoff (Screw)up

The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association apologized, but the rules prevented an appeal of the decision. So Douglas's school district took things to court, and the playoffs have been held up since. Today, the Oklahoma judge said nah, this sucks but we can't help you.

Fictional Lasers, Ranked

So the Navy has a laser cannon now. It's cool, I guess, except that it does not shoot any beams of light or make a "pew pew" noise or do any of the cool shit that a laser is supposed to do, really. Fictional lasers are much better. This is a ranking of fictional lasers.

- Videos of the Day -

Seeing speed climbers shoot up a wall is like seeing Spiderman

The guy on the left set a new world speed climbing record, scaling the wall in about 5.6 seconds. His name is Danyl Boldyrev and he's from the Ukraine but I'm pretty sure that's Peter Parker on steroids.

WATCH: Rams mascot bike race ends in crash -

It was supposed to be a friendly race, but then things got ugly when Bruce decided to take Faulk out!

The Visual Trickery That Turns Hockey Rinks Into Lakes of Fire | WIRED

New projection systems are turning basketball courts and ice rinks into massive optical illusions: Animations beamed onto the surface can create all sorts of morphing effects. In one, the parquet crumbles, making the center circle look like a free-standing pillar shooting up from the earth’s core. In another, ice flickers on and off, then becomes an gigantic table-hockey game. A rink effectively turns into a 2,604-inch TV—with 6.5K resolution.