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Victory of the Week

Come and share your greatest accomplishment, or simply the best thing that has happened to you this week.

Quinn Rooney

These seem to be coming too far apart.  Someone tell me to stop doing that, these are too much fun to stop doing...

For my personal VOTW, I'm going to have to go with getting home from my son's game in enough time to watch the football game today.  Normally, I would use my son's game (they won in the first round of the playoffs today, so it was a pretty big deal actually), but it was the first game I've seen in its entirety all season, and man was it a doozy.

And of course, the KU VOTW has to be the win against Iowa State.  There really is no contest at all. I dare anyone to try and come up with a victory that will mean more to as many people.

So what about you?  Since the KU VOTW is a forgone conclusion, tell us what your victory of the week is.