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PenHawk talks Charlie Weis and Kansas football with the Punt Brothers Podcast

A while back I had a chat with Ryan from the Punt Brothers podcast about the firing of Charlie Weis, and the possible candidates for KU's head coaching position

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after the Charlie Weis firing, I joined the esteemed Ryan Nanni from SB Nation's own Punt Brothers podcast to discuss the dismissal, the fans' interest level in the football program, and potential candidates for Kansas' coaching vacancy (plus who I really, really, don't want as the next head coach). The episode didn't appear on their SBN site until just recently, but it was recorded over a month ago, so I admit it may not be entirely relevant now. Still, they were nice enough to have me on, so please give their page some clicks and give it a listen.

Punt Brothers: We gotta make a change

Now in full disclosure, I haven't listened to my part of this yet, so I most likely sound like a rambling idiot. You should listen anyway.

*also, I swear I didn't tell him I was the managing editor of the blog. Sorry, mikeville