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KU Rank 9: Frank Mason

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

9. Frank Mason | Sophomore| 2013-14 KU Rank: 9

If word of mouth is to be believed, Mason should probably rank a couple spots higher on this countdown, especially with the departure of Conner Frankamp. Mason fits what we have come to expect from a KU point guard: a slasher who depends on his abilities other than the ability to pass or take care of the ball to get on the floor.

Mason excelled at getting to the rim last year, taking 10% of his field goals from there more than any other KU perimeter player. However, his lack of height, and perhaps some inexperience, caused him to shoot just 50% at the rim. Mason struggled on two point jumpers as well, and while he was acceptable from three (33%), the fact that he took ages to get a shot off meant he had to be wide open in order to be able to attempt a three, meaning his percentage should have been higher.

Mason had a 22.4% assist rate, second on the team but a bit low for a point guard who isn't a great scorer, and it was just 3% higher than his turnover rate.

Mason's best skill was drawing fouls, at a rate of 4 per 40 minutes. Though he didn't shoot well from the line, he will potentially even draw more fouls as his reputation for drawing them grows.

Defensively, Mason was poor at the beginning of the year, but really improved as the year went on. He can get bullied a bit due to his size, but has shown the potential to become a good stealer.

Mason certainly has a lot of potential, and he's been talked up quite a bit recently by Bill Self, but he has too many difficulties shooting with not enough positives to make up for that for me to pick him ahead of the other guards on the roster, even the departed one.