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Jayhawks fall to Kansas State

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Another Sunflower Showdown over before it started. After receiving the opening kickoff, Kansas picked right back up where they left off in last week's beating at the hands of Oklahoma. The Jayhawks went three and out, gave up a touchdown in just six plays, threw an interception, and allowed another quick touchdown. Kansas would finally get on the board in the second quarter after a long touchdown catch by Nick Harwell, but after a blocked PAT the score was 17-6.

Kansas gave up 280 yards and 31 points in a miserable first half that featured the blocked PAT, two interceptions, and (shockingly) an inexcusable long kickoff return.

Not wanting to appear inconsistent, Kansas opened the second half by giving up good field position, and allowing the Wildcats to march effortlessly down the field and score another touchdown, making it 38-6 less than four minutes into the third quarter. Things just continued in this vein until, mercifully, the final whistle was blown, with the scoreboard showing 51-13.

On the bright side, we no longer have to watch this team play, and we can entirely shift our focus to the search for the next head coach.