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Talking Warinner with Land-Grant Holy Land

We've named our most likely candidates. Now we ask for more information from the people that know these candidates best: their current fans.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Today we continue our series where we look at the most likely candidates to get the open head coaching position at Kansas.  Last week we looked at Jim Harbaugh, this week I spoke with Zach Manoogian over at Land-Grant Holy Land, who was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about Offensive Co-Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach Ed Warinner.

RCT: Obviously we are fairly familiar with Warinner over here, as he was the offensive coordinator for the Jayhawks from 2007-2009. He serves a Co-Coordinator right now on the Ohio State staff. How much of his influence has there been on the offensive direction of the team?

LGHL: In terms of play calling? Not much. Herman and Meyer handle that. He's more of the field coordinator making sure people are where they are supposed to be. The co-coordinator tmis

RCT: His main responsibilities over at Ohio State include coaching the offensive line. How much of a difference has he made at that position since joining the Buckeyes in 2012?

LGHL: An enormous, massive, incredibly positive difference. Ohio State fans love to shit on former oline coach, Jim Bollman. He wasn't as bad as they make out (players love him and he's done ok at OSU) but in terms of a technical teacher Warriner is just lights years better.

RCT: What impressions have you been able to get on his head coaching ability from these past few years? Obviously he has never had any head coaching experience, but are there any stories or examples that you can think of that would indicate he is ready to lead a program?

LGHL: Not a positive, but he's sort of a poor talker. At the spring football kickoff, which is kind of a private booster event to raise money for charity they typically get a few assistant coaches up to speak he kind of quickly put his foot in his mouth - a comment about Brady Hoke's playbook being drawn in crayon - it's a throw away comment, but just one of those slips that the media can run with here. He quickly realized his mistake and asked no one to tweet about it so it only made a blip of news. He's definitely the least charismatic of the bunch, but not for lack of effort.

RCT: If Kansas offered him the head coaching job, do you think he would take it? Would they need to break the bank to get him, or is he eager to get a chance to run his own program?

LGHL: He would take it in a second. His performance reviews are available and he makes no secret to wanting to run a program. He's not getting any younger and is realistic about what's available.

RCT: If he was hired, when would he be available? While he technically could be interviewed and given the job prior to Ohio State's bowl game this year, do you think he would insist on sticking around and coaching in it?

LGHL: That's tough and it really depends on Meyer and what their post season looks like. My guess is if they make the playoff he would stick around.

RCT: What has Warinner's involvement been in recruiting for Ohio State?

LGHL: Average. He's not a dynamic recruiter - don't know if he has the energy to be - but he's not awful either.

RCT: Does Warinner have what it takes to be successful as a head coach at a place like Kansas?

LGHL: I think this so depends on the what the expectations are. Mangino seems like a miracle worker from a distance. I think Warriner is a great technical coach who could have success and build a great staff. Could he compete for conference titles every year? Probably not. He's be stable and competent, but the ceiling isn't as high as other guys on OSU's staff.

Thanks again to Zach for talking with us today.