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Games to Watch in Week 14 of College Football

Each Thursday, we bring you some key matchups from around the country, so you can plan your weekend accordingly.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

#5 TCU at Texas, Thu

If TCU wants to make its case to the playoff committee, this might be the last time. Barring a monumental destruction of Iowa State the following week, this game against the Longhorns will be TCU's time to showcase themselves. Texas has improved of late, the game is on the road, and even though Texas is down as a whole, winning in Austin is still a difficult task. Plus, it's the only meaningful college game on Thanksgiving, so the country (the people who are not watching the NFL or in a food coma) will be watching. Game time is 6:30 CT on Fox Sports 1.

#13 Arizona State at #11 Arizona, Friday

Both of these teams are ranked with exactly the same overall and conference records and a chance at the division title is on the line (although UCLA will also have something to say on that topic). Plus, from a strictly team driven statistical look, both of these teams are pretty similar. It should be entertaining. Kick off is 2:30 CT Friday on Fox.

Arkansas at #17 Missouri, Friday

Missouri can claim the SEC East outright with a win against Arkansas. Arkansas would like nothing more than ruin the Tigers' holiday plans and gain their second consecutive win against a ranked team after last week's win against Ole Miss. Either way, this is one of the rare times the SEC got it right when they scheduled a "designated rival" game. See how it all unfolds at 1:30 CT Friday on CBS.

#15 Auburn at #1 Alabama

Yep, people will tune into this one. The only question is how the playoff committee will manage to include Alabama in the top 4 if they lose to the Tigers? Kick off is on ESPN at 6:45 CT on Saturday.

#4 Mississippi State at #19 Mississippi

This game had a lot more intrigue when both of these teams were title contenders, but you can bet that Ole Miss would love nothing more than to knock their most bitter rival out of the top 4. TCU, Baylor, and Ohio State will also be cheering for the Rebels. You can tune into CBS on Saturday at 2:30 CT for this one.