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2015 KU Football Schedule Insta-Reaction!

The Big 12 announced the 2015 schedule today so let’s take a look at the games with a quick preview of each game.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, the 2015 Big 12 football schedules are out, so let’s analyze (prematurely!) each game. We know who and where KU plays, but first, I just want to say this to the schedule makers:


Kansas, with only two conference wins in a bazillion years, has the pleasure of playing nine weeks without a bye against this competition? This has to be the toughest stretch for any team in the Big 12 and probably the hardest stretch KU football has ever endured as a program from a scheduling perspective. It’s brutal. Anyway, on to the analysis.

October 3- at Iowa State

Iowa State will be looking for revenge in this one and honestly, KU should take that seriously as ISU will mark KU’s easiest game of the conference slate again. The Jayhawks haven’t had an easy time in Ames, and after losing many key components to graduation, this one is a must-win for Kansas.

October 10- vs. Baylor

This looks like the first blowout of the year. If the 2014 game is any indicator, this will make for some rough viewing at Memorial Stadium.

October 17- vs. Texas Tech

Kansas had a shot at Tech this year, and honestly, they blew it. The Red Raiders will probably be better next year, but KU has the home field advantage to look forward to. To this point, Kansas will have most likely played competitive football against South Dakota State, Memphis, Rutgers and Iowa State. A second conference win would make next season a success.

October 24- at Oklahoma State

KU really should have come away with a win against the Cowboys this year. They should be improved and the game is in Stillwater, so I have this one going the way of OSU pretty easily.

October 31- vs. Oklahoma

I’m going to sound like an old man reminiscing to his grandchildren or something with this one but here it goes: In my days at KU, we beat Oklahoma all the time. There I said it. Anyway, John Blake was the coach at Oklahoma then and even Terry Allen found ways to best him. That said, Bob Stoops coaches OU these days and KU is the far inferior team. Should be an easy OU win.

November 7- at Texas

Texas has improved as this season has gone on and if you believe Charlie Strong, there will never be another five loss Texas team. If Kansas beats Texas next year, Charlie will most likely be proven wrong. I hope it happens, but I just don’t see it.

November 14- at TCU

Well, Kansas will have the attention of the Horned Frogs, that’s for sure. That will be especially true if TCU’s narrow win at Kansas this season, knocks them out of the top four and thus the first ever college football playoff. If that happens, I’m guessing that TCU will try to humiliate Kansas in Fort Worth next season.

November 21- vs. West Virginia

Kansas will have a shot in this one. Remember, KU beat WVU here in 2013, and although the Mountaineers will probably have a better team and be favored, KU will have the confidence that they can compete and win this game. I’m picking it now, KU wins this one.

November 28- vs. Kansas State

If Clint Bowen is in charge of the Jayhawks, I think KU stands a much higher chance of winning this game than if someone else is coaching. Call me crazy, but his hatred for K-State and the success they’ve had at the expense of his beloved Jayhawks can and should be easily transferred to his players. I guess we’ll see what he is capable of as KU strides into Manhattan in a few weeks, but a game in Lawrence is a bit different. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but with Bowen at the helm, I think there is a better chance of a KU win.

Overall, this schedule is brutal. But, if KU can get wins against South Dakota State and either Memphis or Rutgers in the non-con, combine that with wins over Iowa State, Texas Tech, and West Virginia, then KU is going into the K-State game with bowl eligibility on the line. Who wouldn’t take that?