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RCT Programming Note 11.16.14

All SBN Logos to change for one week starting Nov 17.

RCT Programming Note:

As you probably recall, SB Nation is a partner in the It's On Us campaign to prevent sexual assault.  The campaign is designed to raise awareness about sexual assaults on college campuses, and the message is that the responsibility to stop these assaults is on all of us.

You may have seen the PSA we ran, and many users have changed their avatars and have taken the personal pledge. That's great, and if you'd like, you may continue to do so.

SBN will be changing out logos ON EVERY SITE IN THE NETWORK starting on November 17 to reflect our full support of this campaign as a network/company. It's possible the changes could officially go live Sunday night the 16th but it will be in that time frame.  The logos will be changed for one week. This is a universal change across the network and is mandatory.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Your kind and loving RCT Supreme Overlord,