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College Football Open Thread: Week 12

Hang out with your favorite Jayhawk fans and discuss the action across the gridiron today.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Join our own gamethread anytime after 1:00 PM, but until then (and after then), feel free to pull up a chair and talk about the rest of the day's action in college football.

Below is your schedule of Top-25 games for this weekend.  I also included a few "games of interest."

Games are listed in the order they are scheduled to start.

All times CENTRAL.

11:00 AM  #8 Ohio State @ #25 Minnesota

The Gophers have rebounded nicely from their early season struggles.

11:00 AM  #19 Clemson @ #22 Georgia Tech

Yes, Georgia Tech is ranked.  Calm down, fetch.

1:00 PM  Eastern Michigan @ Western Michigan

Cuz EMU is a tradition here now.

2:00 PM  #4 TCU @ Kansas

Rock Chalk baby, avenge that basketball game that we don't talk about.

2:30 PM  #1 Mississippi State @ #5 Alabama

Win this one and I'll be on board, MSU.

2:30 PM  Washington @ #14 Arizona


2:30 PM  #16 Nebraska @ #20 Wisconsin

Go Badgers.

2:30 PM  Northwestern @ #18 Notre Dame


2:30 PM  Oklahoma @ Texas Tech

Still meh.

5:00 PM  #23 Utah @ Stanford

Golly, I'm just not too excited about very many of these games.

6:15 PM  #9 Auburn @ #15 Georgia

Free Waffle House to the winners!

6:30 PM  Missouruh @ #24 Texas A&M

Gig 'em.

6:30 PM  Texas @ Oklahoma State

More meh.

7:00 PM  #3 Florida State @ Miami FL

7:00 PM  #12 Michigan State @ Maryland

7:00 PM  #17 LSU @ Arkansas

9:45 PM  #6 Arizona State @ Oregon State

So, we'll finish the evening with a few ranked teams on the road.  Should be interesting!