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Games to Watch in Week 12 of College Football

Each Thursday, we bring you some key matchups from around the country, so you can plan your weekend accordingly.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

While everyone knows that the biggest game of the season is taking place in Lawrence as the white-hot Jayhawks square off against title contenders TCU, other games are happening as well. Here are a few of those games.

#1 Mississippi State at #5 Alabama

Fact: People are sick of Alabama’s success. Fact: It’s hard to cheer for teams from the state of Mississippi given the latent racism that still exists there. Fact: Everyone that is not a fan of the Crimson Tide is cheering for Mississippi State in this one. Game time is 2:30 CT on CBS.

#9 Auburn at #15 Georgia

I can’t really think of any reason to care about this game, so let me ask this question: Is this the game that basically gifts the SEC East title to the Missouri Tigers? Unfortunately, it probably will. Auburn is superior and should take the win. Watch it unfold on ESPN at 6:15 CT.

#2 Florida State at Miami

This game has historical significance, so it makes this list. Plus, this traditional rivalry has seen its fair share of significant games and with Florida State’s remaining schedule, Miami could be the last hurdle for the Seminole’s shot at the playoffs. For that reason alone, this one could be worth watching. It’s on at 7:00 CT on ABC.

#16 Nebraska at #20 Wisconsin

Well, we had to break the string of traditional rivalries somewhere, right? What better place than with the Badgers squaring off against the Huskers in a battle for Big 10 West superiority. Ok, I can think of about a million other things to do rather than watch this game, but if I’m out at a bar and it’s on a TV, I’ll glance at the score. That is as good a reason as any to put it on this list. Watch it at 2:30 CT on ABC.