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KU Rank 4: Kelly Oubre

The talented Freshman looks like a one and done, but how good will he be in college

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

4. Kelly Oubre | Freshman | 2013-14 #KURank: N/A

Kelly Oubre was displaced from New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, and moved to Texas before finishing his high school career at Findlay Prep in Las Vegas, where current NBA players Avery Bradley, Tristan Thompson, and Anthony Bennett, among others, have attended.

While there, Oubre saw his stock soar, going from a top 20 recruit to 8th in 247Sports' rankings. He's currently projected to go 4th in next June's NBA Draft by DraftExpress. His NBA potential seems sky high, but will that translate to college success?

I've said pretty much all along that Oubre should be about 75% of Wiggins, though I do think he will be able to do some things even better than Wiggins did last year. Oubre looks like a better rebounder early on, and while he's roughly the same height as Wiggins, or a bit shorter, his wingspan has measured even longer than the former Jayhawk's. He also has a few pounds on Wiggins, though not as much as I thought, so he should be able to better absorb contact at the rim and shoot better from the rim.

Oubre's outside shot is still a question mark, as he shot just over 30% in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League. His shot is fairly flat and he sort of sling shots it at the basket, leading to inconsistent shot mechanics.

Oubre's talked about being a good perimeter defender, and while there's (probably) no way he will be equal to Wiggins in that regard, his size, length, and athleticism give him the ability to guard on the perimeter and perhaps down on the block a bit.

Obviously he's going to get Wiggins comparisons due to being relatively the same size and coming in a year after the Canadian, and while that's probably not fair to Oubre, I'm optimistic that he will be able to adequately provide close to the same overall value as Wiggins and, while I don't see him leading the team in scoring like Wiggins did, he should go very high in the NBA Draft, likely in the top 10.