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Rock Chalk Talk Podcast Episode 4: Basketball Preview Blowout Extravaganza

The gang previews everything related to the 2014-15 hoops season

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

We're back! after a mini delay, the gang (fetch13, TJFSports, PenHawk) previews the college basketball season:

Show rundown:

1:15 - The gang make their 2014-15 Final Four picks already!

3:00 - KU's chances at winning the Big 12.

7:30 - Conner Frankamp time! Fetch mourns the loss of the Wichita native.

12:30 - Discussing the other Big 12 contenders.Will Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa State, or Kansas State prove to be Kansas's biggest challenge in the hunt for number 11.

18:50 - Who will lead Kansas in scoring? It's unanimous, but watch out for a couple sleepers! (Cliff Cliff Cliff Cliff Cliff)

21:00 - Will Kansas's defense get back to where we are used to seeing it, or will it be a disaster again?

26:15 - Talking about three pointers. Will it be a concern? Will it not be? The gang goes back and forth a bit.

30:30 - Turnover talk

33:30 - Questions and some bonus football talk!

That's in folks. Feel free to offer your thoughts on the questions presented in the podcast in the comments, and feel free to offer questions for the next podcast, tentatively recording Tuesday night after the game.