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KU Football Coaching Candidate Countdown: Part 3

Time to reveal coaches 3-6 in our countdown.

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We continue our countdown with a look at coaches 3-6 on RCT's top-10 coaching candidates.  In our opinion, these guys have a better chance than anyone else we've mentioned to date, although as you'll see, it's not likely that any of them will actually get the offer.  That said, all should garner some serious consideration, discussion, and definitely merit a phone call at the very least to gauge interest.

6.  Pat Narduzzi 5%

Narduzzi was a three-year starter at Linebacker at Rhode Island.  His coaching experience includes stops at Miami OH (1990-92, GA, WR), Rhode Island (1993-97 LB, 98-99 DC), Northern Illinois (2000-02 LB), back to Miami OH (2003 DC), Cincinatti (2004-06 DC), and Michigan State (2007-present, DC).  In 2013, Narduzzi was promoted to assistant head coach at MSU.

Narduzzi took home the Broyles award as the nation's best assistant coach.  Additionally, the Spartans have had the Big 10's best defense for three years running.  Narduzzi has been contacted the past several years for various openings across the country.  Last year, he (allegedly) turned down overtures from UConn and Louisville.  He is also one of the nation's highest paid coordinators, and news broke on November 6, 2014, that Michigan State received a $3 million gift, "directed toward the endowment of the defensive coordinator position and capital improvements for the MSU men's basketball program."  So, it appears it will take truckloads of cash to get him to change his address, and even that may not do it as he seems quite comfortable in East Lansing.

At the very least, Zenger definitely needs to make the call and see if there is any interest.

5.  David Beaty 7.5%

Beaty, originally from Texas, was a four-year starter at wide receiver at Lindenwood College (St. Charles, MO).  He began his coaching career in the Texas high school ranks as an assistant coach at Naaman Forest (1994-96) and Garland (1997-2000).  He became a head coach North Dallas (2001) and Irving MacArthur (2002-05) before advancing to the college game as the Wide Receivers coach at Rice (2006-07).

As most of us know, this point in his career is when Mark Mangino brought Beaty to Lawrence.  Beaty spent 2008-09 as KU's wide receivers coach.  Beaty went back to Rice for one year (2010) as offensive coordinator before returning to KU in 2011 and serving as co-offensive coordinator and WR coach again.  Beaty has been at Texas A&M as their WR coach and recruiting coordinator since 2012.

Beaty is an extremely highly regarding recruiter, especially within the state of Texas, something that would be key for anyone sitting in the head coach office at KU.  He is also a noted offensive mind and, in theory, would be able to immediately boost the offense.

4.  Tim Beck 7.5%

Beck is an Ohio native who played his college ball at Central Florida.  Beck has coached at a variety of stops, from high school to FCS to FBS.  Notable stops include Kansas State (1991-92, GA) and of course, Kansas (2005-07).  At Kansas, Beck served as the Wide Receivers coach.  Beck is currently the offensive coordinator and Quarterbacks coach at Nebraska, a position he has held since 2011.  He first got to Nebraska in 2008 as the Running Backs coach.

Beck's offenses at Nebraska have averaged more than 32 points per game in his three seasons as offensive coordinator.  In his one year at Kansas as passing game coordinator, 2007... well, you all know how 2007 went.

Beck is regarded as an innovative offensive mind and an excellent recruiter.

We feel that any of these three these guys would be a great hire for Kansas.  They all excel on their side of the ball and are all widely regarded as excellent recruiters.  However, in our estimation, there's only about a 20% chance that the next football coach will be one of these men.  And the opportunity to hire Narduzzi may be even less than what is printed here due to the recent news that just came out of East Lansing.

Here's the updated percentage wheel:

5% - Outside the Top 10

5% - Frost/Morris/Venables/Leavitt

5% - Pat Narduzzi

7.5% - David Beatty

7.5% - Tim Beck

70% - Yet to be revealed

Yes, 70% still yet to be revealed.  We feel that the head football coach at Kansas is most likely one of three men.  I'm sure by now you've probably figured out who the top three are, but we won't keep you in suspense for very long.  The final installment will be along in just a couple of days - stay tuned!

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