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K-Uniform Review: West Virginia

What did the Kansas football team wear in their game this past weekend? We examine the good, the bad, and the ugly of the game against the Mountaineers.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After looking ridiculous in their Crimson Chrome uniforms last weekend, Kansas gets back to respectability in the uniform department. Let’s examine.

The Best Feature

Everything really. We’ve been over the awesomeness of the white helmet before in the column space, and it looks great here too. When worn with the blue jerseys it gives contrast, when worn with the white jersey, it completes the storm trooper look. I like this look even more than I did last season.

A Small Memoria

KU wore memorial stickers on the back of their helmets for this game to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the death of Andre Maloney, a KU commit from Shawnee Mission West High School. The stickers featured Andre’s initials inside a small black circle. It was a classy move from Kansas football.

The Outlier

To me, the only thing that looks a little strange is the wide blue stripe on the pants. Don’t get me wrong, I typically love the stripe, but when going mono-white, the blue overtakes the idea of a complete storm trooper look. It’s just a minor quibble (they’re not bringing in solid white pants for one game) in an overall pretty sharp and clean look for KU.

Overall Grade: A-

How’d the Teams Look Together?

West Virginia went with navy helmets and yellow everything else. This game was certainly bright, but since I like yellow, I thought the game was nice to watch (from a uniform perspective). It was certainly better than the game last year in Lawrence.

In the 2014 KU uniform preview, I made a rather strange choice again for the prediction, but as others (RCT twitter) have alluded to, it appears Kansas officials really do read our site.

Prediction: White/White/Dark Grey

Preference: White/White/White

Last week, I made a double pick (AKA: copout), and got one correct, so I gave myself one point. This week, KU actually went with my preference for this game and that means another point. Here’s the updated table:




Points (Total)

SE Missouri



3 (3)

at Duke



3 (6)

Central Michigan



0 (6)


CC or B/DG/R


1 (7)

at West Virginia



1 (8)

Oklahoma State



Key: B=Blue, W=White, R=Red, LG=Light Grey, DG=Dark Grey, CC=Crimson Chrome

As you can see above, at the beginning of the season I picked KU to wear lots of red. Seeing as they haven’t yet worn their signature blue helmet this season, I now think next week is the time they finally do it. As always, comments and criticisms are welcome below.