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Rock Chalk Q&A With The Smoking Musket

We asked our SBN sister site about the upcoming matchup this weekend

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The kind folks over at the Smoking Musket were willing to put up with a basketball person answering football questions, and also Matthew from the Smoking Musket put up with my terrible questions:

1. There was talk that Dana Holgorsen was maybe a bit on the hot seat coming into the season. Is this still the case?

Holgo had basically the best September anyone could have asked for short of big upsets against Alabama and Oklahoma. We were very competitive in those two games, destroyed Towson and got an absolutely vital revenge win against Maryland. The offense is once again looking sharp, and morale in Morgantown is extremely high. Now, a loss on Saturday would nuke that good will, but as of now, a bowl berth is looking likely, and that coupled with a great 2015 recruiting class will keep Holgo in Morgantown.

2. Seriously, how embarrassing was it to lose to us last year? (editor's note: I had to ask that one)

Oh my god.

I've never wanted to jump off a bridge because of a football game more, and I'm a Browns fan

We had just come off of an OT loss to Texas, which was disheartening but we played well and all we needed to salvage a bowl birth was wins against Kansas and ISU. We lost both

God. Next Question

3. I've been really impressed with Trickett from what I've been able to see from you guys. What are his weaknesses, if any, that maybe Kansas can exploit?

Probably pressure, but that's pretty much every quarterback. Our offensive line has been better this year, but Trickett still struggles a bit in the face of a strong pass rush. Besides that, I've started to notice that he presses a bit when we get down, so if Kansas can somehow get off to a good start, he may throw some picks.

4. This isn't a football question per se, but now that you've been in the big 12 for a couple years,what are the advantages and disadvantages as opposed to the big east?)

Having big time marquee games in Morgantown is amazing, and I feel as though the WVU fanbase feels more at home with the other Big 12 fanbases more so than we ever did with those of other Big East teams. Our big time recruiting hot beds of Florida and Pennsylvania haven't fallen off as I (and others) feared, so that hasn't been that big of an issue.

The travel is really where we get killed, and even that is more of a basketball issue than it is for football. It's a weird marriage, but the Big 12 and WVU really works, even though I would like to see a bit of eastern expansion in the future.

5. The defense has been a bit of an issue for you guys this year. What do you think the reasons for this are and will you guys get it fixed?

I feel as though the defense is tremendously improved, honestly. It still has shortcomings (more in the run game than against the pass, surprisingly enough) but the improvement is noticeable. The big thing I'd like to see improved on is forcing some turnovers. I'm not sure what Tony Gibson can do to make that happen, but hopefully we can gain some confidence against Kansas.