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First Edition: College Football Final Four poll is out

As expected, the top four is heavily SEC dominated.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Three of the top four and four of the top six in the first ever College Football playoff poll/ranking/whatever this is are SEC teams - as pretty much everyone expected.  Fortunately for the rest of us, they will be playing each other later on in the season, hopefully knocking each other out and allowing the other kids to come and play.  Mississippi State and Ole Miss still have yet to play; ditto Mississippi State and Alabama.

The Big 12 is represented by TCU at #7, Kansas State at #9, Baylor at #13, Oklahoma at #18, and West Virginia at #20.  Not too shabby, but could be better.  K-State and TCU have yet to play each other; ditto Baylor/Oklahoma, Kansas State/West Virginia, and Kansas State/Baylor.

Interestingly, Marshall, one of three unbeatens in FBS to this point, is not ranked in this setting.  The highest ranked two-loss team is Oklahoma, and no three-loss teams are in the ranking.

Kansas non-conference foe Duke checked in at #24.

Rank Team Conference Toughest opponent left (per F/+) If the season ended today ...
1 Mississippi State SEC Ole Miss Sugar Bowl vs. Ole Miss
2 Florida State ACC Louisville Rose Bowl vs. Auburn
3 Auburn SEC Ole Miss Rose Bowl vs. Florida State
4 Ole Miss SEC Auburn Sugar Bowl vs. Mississippi State
5 Oregon Pac-12 Stanford New Year's bowl
6 Alabama SEC Auburn Orange Bowl*
7 TCU Big 12 Kansas State New Year's bowl
8 Michigan State Big Ten Ohio State New Year's bowl
9 Kansas State Big 12 TCU New Year's bowl
10 Notre Dame Independent Louisville New Year's bowl
11 Georgia SEC Auburn
12 Arizona Pac-12 Arizona State
13 Baylor Big 12 Oklahoma
14 Arizona State Pac-12 Notre Dame
15 Nebraska Big Ten Wisconsin
16 Ohio State Big Ten Michigan State
17 Utah Pac-12 Oregon
18 Oklahoma Big 12 Baylor
19 LSU SEC Alabama
20 West Virginia Big 12 TCU
21 Clemson ACC Georgia Tech Orange Bowl*
22 UCLA Pac-12 Stanford
23 East Carolina American UCF New Year's bowl*
24 Duke ACC Virginia Tech
25 Louisville ACC Florida State