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Big 12 Power Rankings - 10/27/14

The preseason favorites and bottom-feeders were idle this week. Any chance at movement this week?

Ronald Martinez

The rich got richer this week.  The top three teams from last week all beat opponents in the bottom half of the rankings.  Is there any shuffling to be done this week?

1. TCU (Previous Ranking: 1)

The demolition of Texas Tech was a sight to behold.  When Tech couldn't keep up, TCU decided to try and match the total points from their earlier game against Baylor all by themselves.  There isn't much to say about this except that Tech got walloped.  At least they scored a few times.

2. West Virginia (Previous Ranking: 2)

3. Kansas State (Previous Ranking: 3)

There wasn't much separating the top three last week, and while TCU separated themselves with that huge blowout, Kansas State's solid defensive showing against Texas wasn't enough to force me to move them above West Virginia.  The road win for West Virginia pretty much equals the home shutout for KSU, when you notice that they had basically the same margin.

4. Baylor (Previous Ranking: 4)

5. Oklahoma (Previous Ranking: 5)

6. Iowa State (Previous Ranking: 8)

All three of these teams were idle this week, meaning there wasn't much movement for them.  Oklahoma State looked so discombobulated after the first quarter on Saturday, that I'm convinced that if Iowa State played them right now at any location, it would be a comfortable ISU win.

7. Texas (Previous Ranking: 7)

That blowout/shutout wasn't too encouraging, but they were on the road against a very good defense, and they still have a recent stretch of good play that I can remember.  They get a chance to right the ship again this week with Texas Tech.

8. Oklahoma State (Previous Ranking: 6)

The only thing keeping Oklahoma State from bottoming out is the fact that they recently beat both Tech and Kansas while still playing rather poorly.  But with how bad this has been, they definitely deserve to be as low in these power rankings as possible.  The close games they played against both teams below them weren't just bad days, but more revelations about just how bad this team really is.

9. Texas Tech (Previous Ranking: 9)

That blowout was so bad that I can't help but be a little embarrassed for them, and that's saying something considering how bad it has been for our Jayhawks.  Playing Texas at home this week may be the last chance they have for a win this year.  Better make it count.

10. Kansas (Previous Ranking: 10)

The bye week doesn't bring a reprieve, with the loss to Texas Tech being too recent to be overcome by TCU's win on Saturday (especially since we could still suffer the same fate).  Unfortunately, playing at Baylor after they've had two weeks to stew over their upset loss to WVU isn't the best recipe for success.