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College Football Open Thread: Week 9

Hang out with your favorite Jayhawk fans and discuss the action across the gridiron today. Also, Go Royals!

Derick E.Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

No KU game today, which frees you to do whatever you want - until the Royals start, anyway.  Feel free to pull up a chair and talk about the rest of the day's action in college football.  This can also double as a Royals OGT should Royals Review get too crazy for ya.

As usual, below is your schedule of Top-25 games for this weekend.  I also included a few "games of interest." What a snooze fest we have this weekend in the SEC and Big 10.  Oh wait, that's every week.

Games are listed in the order they are scheduled to start.

All times CENTRAL.

11:00 AM  Texas @ #11 Kansas State

Ugh I just don't know who to root for here.

11:00 AM  Rutgers @ #16 Nebraska


12:00 AM  Northern Illinois @ Eastern Michigan

Because I felt like listing it, that's why.  Just saying, I'd rather watch this than just about any Big 10 game this weekend.

1:00 PM  #25 UCLA @ Colorado

Colorado is awful, can we get them on the non-con?

1:00 PM  Georgia Southern @ Georgia State

Apparently this is quite the rivalry.

2:30 PM  #1 Mississippi State @ Kentucky

Really, Mississippi State is still #1?  What world do we live in?

2:30 PM  Michigan @ #8 Michigan State

I expect Sparty to roll bigtime.

2:30 PM  Texas Tech @ #10 TCU

TCU is in the Big 12 driver's seat.

2:30 PM  #22 West Virigina @ Oklahoma State

Honestly, I know they're on the road, but I don't expect this to be much of a contest.  WVU rolls.

2:30 PM  Florida Atlantic @ #23 Marshall

Just keep winning, baby.  We'll probably never know how good Marshall really is this year.

3:00 PM  Vanderbilt @ Missouruh


5:00 PM  #15 Arizona @ Washington State

I have no idea what to say about this game.

6:00 PM  Syracuse @ #21 Clemson

See previous entry.

6:15 PM  #3 Ole Miss @ #24 LSU

College GameDay is there.  I'm not sold on either squad, I guess we'll see if Ole Miss can keep it going.

6:30 PM  #4 Alabama @ Tennessee

The Lane Kiffin hate is real, but I don't expect this to be very close.

6:30 PM  South Carolina @ #5 Auburn

Another boring SEC game.

7:00 PM  #13 Ohio State @ Penn State

This one actually might be interesting... if you like 13-10 games.

9:00 PM  #20 Southern Cal @ #19 Utah

I didn't realize Utah was having a decent season.  Wonder how high they'd be ranked if they had not lost to Washington State ::snicker::

9:45 PM  #14 Arizona State @ Washington

That's funny, both Washington school are hosting the Arizona schools.  You kill me, Larry Scott.