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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.23.14

A look-see around today's internets.

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Kansas Sports

Q&A: Kansas Jayhawks LB Ben Heeney - ESPN

Though we snubbed him, Heeney was a good sport, and agreed to talk with us about getting left off the midseason team, what it was like when Charlie Weis got fired and how to properly groom a beard.

Big 12 college football stat check: Week 9 - ESPN

Kansas: The Jayhawks are showing signs they're going to win a Big 12 game this year. One factor that's helping their cause: stingy goal-line defense. Opponents are scoring touchdowns on just 54.5 percent of their goal-to-go situations. That rate ranks second-best in the Big 12 behind TCU. Kansas has allowed six TDs, forced teams to settle for 12 field goals and recorded one takeaway. For comparison's sake, that's a dozen fewer TDs than Iowa State has given up in those situations.

3 reasons one KU basketball player is 'criminally underrated' |

“I’ll grant that he suffers from Nik Stauskas last year syndrome in that he plays in this amazingly talented rotation where he’s not the first option on offense,” Gasaway told me last March. “ … But within the role he’s been given, his shots go in, he’s been just incredibly effective, and he’s not that much of a supporting player.” Here’s something else not many people know: Ellis’ sophomore year at KU ranks as one of the most efficient offensive seasons in the Bill Self era.

Roy Williams never doubted he’d succeed at Kansas |

“You’ve heard me say this before. Our first team at Kansas: Milt Newton, Mark Randall, Kevin Pritchard, Scooter Barry, Jeff Gueldner, those guys gave me a chance from the first day and believed in what I was trying to do,” Williams said Tuesday.

University of Kansas Athletics - Kansas Baseball Facilities Upgraded

The renovations have given the seasoned ballpark a brand new look with state-of-the-art playing facilities, and will further improve the Jayhawks' recruiting. Head coach Rich Price and the team alike is pleased with the final results.

University of Kansas Volleyball - Kansas Fights to Five But Loses at Iowa State

Rallies lengthened as every point became increasingly crucial. Chelsea Albers, Cassie Wait and Maggie Anderson all hit the floor to keep the ball alive in that decisive moment in the fifth set. Tied at 8-8, the longest rally of the night ended in favor of the Cyclones – a back-breaking point for the Jayhawks. Kansas went on to lose in five sets at Iowa State inside Hilton Coliseum Wednesday night, 25-18, 16-25, 17-25, 25-21, 15-12.

Mr. Ed says: I'm surprised by the volleyball team's relative lack of success so far this year.  I obviously underestimated what impact having a team that's literally half freshman - no matter their talent - would have.  They're having a hard time adjusting to Big 12 play.  I am seeing signs of improvement, however.  Hopefully they can finish the season strong and earn another Tournament berth, and watch out because the next three years should be really fun.

College Sports

Massive cheating scandal at UNC involved athletes | College basketball rankings news, scores, highlights and photos

Wainstein's report said it found no evidence of similar problems in other departments. In addition, Hall of Fame men's basketball coach Roy Williams and other current coaches said they were aware there were independent study courses offering easy grades, but they didn't know the classes were fake.

Georgia Bulldogs apply to have Todd Gurley reinstated - ESPN

Georgia officials are hoping that Gurley, a leading Heisman Trophy candidate before his suspension, can return for the Nov. 1 game against Florida in Jacksonville, according to people familiar with the investigation.

Kentucky isn't the first can't-miss team - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

Stacking talent doesn't guarantee stacking titles. Over the past 20 seasons, only 12 teams have had rosters that included at least three first-round picks in the same draft class. Only five (Kentucky 1996 and 2012; North Carolina 2005 and 2009; Florida 2007) got a title to match their considerable talent.

Oklahoma State Cowboys sue Texas Longhorns' Joe Wickline for $600,000 - ESPN

According to the suit filed in an Oklahoma district court Oct. 17, Oklahoma State's board of regents asserts that Wickline violated his contractual agreement to pay a buyout fee of $593,487 if he left OSU for a Football Bowl Subdivision offensive coordinator job that did not include play-calling duties.

Will Muschamp's job is available on Craigslist -

There are varying degrees of being a coach on a hot seat. The first, tamest degree is grumbling on message boards from frustrated fans who just don't feel you're the right person for the job. That eventually morphs into the second degree, when somebody takes to your Wikipedia page to say that you're no longer employed, or that you suck. Then it ends with somebody putting an ad up for your job on Craigslist. This is where Florida's Will Muschamp currently finds himself.

Professional Sports

Royals put on a show, and upset an obscure reliever, to even Series -

It isn't known exactly why and what Strickland was yelling at Perez, but we can assume it didn't have anything to do with how lovely it is in Missouri (or Kansas, or wherever we are). Anyway, it was nasty enough that the Royals' bullpen emptied, and Royals players got up off the bench, looking like they might fight (baseball players rarely actually fight, but it's something when they look like they might).

Royals offered freebies to move ‘Marlins Man’ from front-row during World Series game | The Kansas City Star

They offered him a private suite if he would move. They tried enticing him with free World Series goodies if he would get rid of the orange jersey. No way, Marlins Man said.

Lions player flies all the way to London only to get cut, has to go home -

The only thing worse than getting cut by an NFL team is getting cut while you're in London with that NFL team -- and then being sent home. That's what happened to Lions practice squad running back William Powell this week.

Pic of the Day

PHOTO: Landmark 'M' on Michigan campus painted Spartan green -

One Spartan fan, in fact, was fired up enough to vandalize the landmark "M" on Michigan's campus 'Diag' sometime in the early hours of Wednesday morning, the Michigan Daily reported.