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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.22.14

A look-see around today's internets.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals need to seriously consider shelving James Shields and his 7.11 postseason ERA.

There doesn't seem to be a lot going on in Jayhawk-land, as I had a hard time finding links.  So, enjoy lots of Deadspin links!

Kansas Sports

KU’s Tony Pierson recovering from neck injury | The Kansas City Star

"We haven’t got the final word on exactly what it is," Bowen said, "but yesterday, Tony looked good and was moving around well. It doesn’t look to be something really bad."

Big 12 Tuesday mailbag: Baylor, playoffs, Strong values - ESPN

Matt in Hutchinson, Kansas: I believe that Clint Bowen should be named the official head coach at Kansas. You tell me who believes in KU football more than Bowen? I know they haven't won under him yet, but the passion and enthusiasm he has brought to the program is awesome. If KU is going to make strides in its program then I feel Bowen is the man to do it. Thoughts?

Mr. Ed says: Matt must not be a reader of RCT or he might know better.

Roy Williams returns to Allen Fieldhouse for first time in more than a decade next week |

"I’m sure the memory I’ll have will be of all the people and all the great players and great wins," Williams said Tuesday in a conference call with reporters. "Sixtieth birthday is a pretty good number for Allen Fieldhouse, too."

Former KU coach Roy Williams excited for return to Lawrence, Allen Fieldhouse |

He’s definitely looking forward to visiting with Self, Owens and Brown as well as emcee Jay Bilas and the fans. Maybe they’ll discuss games he mentioned as some of his most memorable. "About 50 of them," Williams said. "I remember the last game there (of Williams’ tenure). That’s when Eddie Sutton ran down and shook hands with Nick Collison and Kirk Hinrich when I took them out of the game (in 79-61 Senior Day win in 2003). The Indiana game when Jacque Vaughn made the basket (at buzzer to end 86-83 overtime win in 1993). The UCLA game when we were down 20 and came back and won (85-70 in 1995). The Missouri game — the 100 Year celebration (80-70 win in 1998). There were plenty of them."


Even The NCAA Says SI's Oklahoma State Story Was Pointless

Hard to believe it was 13 months ago that Sports Illustrated released a five-part behemoth on alleged misdeeds at Oklahoma State and everyone responded with a collective, nationwide "meh." Today, the NCAA and an independent investigator hired by OK State released a joint statement following their own probe, and they concur: "Meh."

A Clash Of Clans Addiction Nearly Sank The Royals' Season

A baseball season is long enough that any successful team will invariably slump, break out of it, and with hindsight be able to point to the year's largely symbolic turning point. For the Royals' narrative, that turning point was the clubhouse valiantly overcoming its crippling addiction to mobile gaming.

Peyton Manning's 510 Touchdowns, Visualized By Distance And Receiver

Here's a sleek-looking chart of Peyton Manning's 510 career touchdowns, put together by data artist Max Einstein at You'll want to expand the image or view the full-sized version on his site—it has every TD pass listed chronologically, displayed by distance, and includes clusters for each receiver who caught five or more scores.

Yes, That Damn Marlins Fan Is Back

Miami Marlins fan Laurence Leavy is a regular behind home plate at the World Series, and he's in his usual spot for tonight's Game 1. But since we still get questions about him, here's our post from two years ago.

Giants Fan Custom Makes Bawdy T-Shirts

When your favorite team makes the World Series, it can be difficult to tell the true fans from the bandwagon ones. If you were to go, say, to a packed San Francisco bar like The Brick Yard to watch a game, you might be mistaken for a bandwagoner. Solution: screen print up some clever t-shirts.

Pathetic Man Creates Entire Website Devoted to Winning Back His Ex

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl date. Boy and girl break up. Boy, desperate to get his girl back, makes a batshit insane website. We have found that website and it is gut-wrenchingly pathetic, mind-bogglingly clueless. It wouldn't be out of place in a police report.