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Big 12 Power Rankings - 10/20/14

Chaos reigns in the Big 12. With tough games all around, how much did the rankings change?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With pretty much nothing going to plan this week, the power rankings has been turned on its head.  Where did everyone land this week?

1. TCU (Previous Ranking: 2)

They pretty much had their way with a decent but struggling Cowboys team.  This was about as complete a performance as possible, and was definitely an improvement over the the shootout they had last week.

2. West Virginia (PR: 6)

I can pretty much guarantee that most people are going to take issue with this ranking the most, but the Mountaineers thoroughly dominated the fourth quarter against the preseason favorite from the conference, shutting down one of the most prolific offenses in the country.

3. Kansas State (PR: 4)

While they are the only team without a conference loss, they haven't exactly played the toughest schedule, and either of the two missed FGs were uncharacteristic and would have sent them to defeat.  They get credit for the win, which is what puts them up here, but the way that the Horned Frogs and Mountaineers won puts them above K-State for now.

4. Baylor (PR: 1)

What happened to them on Saturday.  While West Virginia has shown they can be a formidable opponent, the wheels just fell off the Baylor offense in the 4th quarter.  They had been extremely streaky within games for the last few weeks, but usually ended on an upswing.  This week, they just couldn't turn it around one last time.

5. Oklahoma (PR: 3)

They've been flirting with disaster for weeks.  While they were good enough to win against K-State, critical special teams errors did them in.  Unfortunately, each week it is a different unit that is having problems.  While they are no longer elite, they still have a chance to put it together at any moment.

6. Oklahoma State (PR: 5)

This team is in freefall, and if they don't turn it around quickly, they could easily find themselves falling down into the cellar of the league.  You have to think that offense is going to get it back on track, but that may be difficult with West Virginia and Texas coming up.

7. Texas (PR: 8)

8. Iowa State (PR: 7)

A hard fought win at home over Iowa State bumps Texas up over the Cyclones this week, but there really isn't much to separate these two teams.  Texas is rebounding with solid games against Oklahoma and Iowa State, and has a chance to keep improving going forward.  Iowa State is in a similar situation, but just can't seem to get over the hump.

9. Texas Tech (PR: 9)

They jumped early on the Jayhawks, and then did enough to hold on.  But they still have serious problems on defense, and there just isn't enough there to think that they beat any other team going forward, except for maybe the Oklahoma State team that already beat them earlier this year.

10. Kansas (PR: 10)

It was a good effort, and the improvement is definitely coming.  But the competition doesn't get any easier from this point forward, and I just don't think we can get enough improvement to see any tangible results.  While we might be able to steal one from the visiting Iowa State, we have to avoid a demoralizing blowout to Baylor after our bye week.