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K-Uniform Review: Texas Tech

What did the Kansas football team wear in their game this past weekend? We examine the good, the bad, and the ugly of the game against the Red Raiders.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Time for a little prediction revision. When I look into my magical crystal ball, I see KU wearing all white on the road and blue helmets with blue jerseys and grey pants at Memorial Stadium. Of course, these predictions come off the heels of KU interim coach Clint Bowen informing his squad that the team will have one road look and one home look.

Anyway, here’s the predictions I made in the 2014 Uniform Preview article:

Previous Prediction: White/White/Blue

Preference: Blue/White/Blue

Not bad considering they have taken a stand in the uniform department at least for this season. Too bad they never got a chance to break out the blue pants on the road. I kind of like those.

Since we saw this look just a few weeks ago in the West Virginia game, I’ll spare you all the pointless assessments and focus on the new item (and possibly the last new item this season on a KU football uniform) and that is the stripe that has been added to the white helmet.

I think that the center blue stripe flanked by smaller red stripes is a winner. As I’ve said before, I love the white helmet and the addition of the stripe does nothing to diminish my love for this helmet. Plus, the stripe matches up perfectly with the stripe on the pants. It makes for a more complete all-white look for KU.

Overall Grade: A-

How’d the Teams Look Together?

Tech went mono-black so this game presumably could have been played on a black and white TV and no one would really miss much. I thought that the contrast between the two uniforms was great. I have no complaints.

KU is off next week before traveling to Baylor. Presumably, KU will don the same combo that we saw in this game against Tech. We’ll see if anything new pops up then, but next week this column space will be giving some love to the KU soccer program, which possesses the best kits in all of college soccer.