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College Football Open Thread: Week 8

Hang out with your favorite Jayhawk fans and discuss the action across the gridiron today.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Jump over to our own gameday open thread anytime after 1 PM, but before and after the Jayhawks play feel free to come here and talk about the rest of the day's action in college football.

As usual, below is your schedule of Top-25 games for this weekend.  I also included a few "games of interest."  No, you will not find the Missouri-Florida game in the list below because as I mentioned last week, not all SEC games are important.  Neither are most Pac-12 games and Big 10(+4) games.

Games are listed in the order they are scheduled to start.

All times CENTRAL.

11:00 AM  #4 Baylor @ West Virginia

Did Baylor's defense get exposed last week?

11:00 AM  #14 Kansas State @ #11 Oklahoma

I'm pretty sure the words to the OU fight song are just Boomer sooner, boomer sooner, boomer sooner, boomer sooner.... repeated over and over and over again.  Try it.  Go ahead.  I dare you.

11:00 AM  Western Kentucky @ Florida Atlantic

Pillowfight of the week entry.

11:30 AM  Virginia @ Duke

Could actually be a good game, I wonder if anyone will watch it (in person or on TV).

2:00 PM  Eastern Michigan @ Massachusetts

Second nomination for pillow fight of the week.

2:30 PM  #21 Texas A&M @ #7 Alabama

How did 'Bama not drop after almost losing to Arkansas last weekend?

2:30 PM  #8 Michigan State @ Indiana

Honestly, nothing against MSU, but you know your conference sucks when Sparty is carrying the banner for you.

2:30 PM  Rutgers @ #13 Ohio State


2:30 PM  #24 Clemson @ Boston College

Will another ranked team go down in Chestnut Hill?

2:30 PM  New Mexico @ Air Force

I only put this on here because I wanted to tell you all something: the Air Force Academy is a pretty cool setting for a college football game.  Put it on your bucket list if you don't have it on there.

2:30 PM  Kansas @ Texas Tech

Guys, ask your ladies, who's the most handsome coach in the Big 12?

3:00 PM  #10 Georgia @ Arkansas

Pig Sooie almost got 'Bama last week, can the catch the 'Dawgs this week?

3:00 PM  #15 Oklahoma State @ #12 TCU

Was OSU caught looking ahead last week or did KU expose something?

5:00 PM  Colorado @ #22 Southern Cal

I wish we still played Colorado every year.  It would give us a decent shot for at least one conference win every year.

5:00 PM  #25 Marshall @ Florida International

If Marshall runs the table, should they get into the playoff?  I'm seriously asking.

6:00 PM  Tennessee @ #3 Ole Miss

Is it the third Saturday in October already?

6:30 PM  #19 Nebraska @ Northwestern

The 'Cats knocked off the 'Huskers last year.  Here's hoping they can do it again.

7:00 PM  #5 Notre Dame @ #2 Florida State

Catholics vs Convicts?  Hardly.  (Like Notre Dame only recruits Catholics, amirite?)

7:00 PM  Washington @ #9 Oregon

Um.  I really don't know what to say about this one.

7:00 PM  Iowa State @ Texas

How will the refs screw ISU this week?

9:30  #23 Stanford @ #17 Arizona State

Don't really know what to say about this one either, fortunately, it's the last one of the night featuring ranked teams.